A seductive music hall star falls in love with a married aristocrat.

A sexy singer in a French music hall falls in love with a handsome, but married, aristocrat. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andr D (br) wrote: "Dear Mr. Watterson" es un documental que busca examinar el fenmeno de la tira cmica "Calvin & Hobbes" y el enigma que rodea a su autor Bill Watterson. Si usted espera alguna entrevista al autor se llevar una gran decepcin. Pero pese a la msica barata y a la trillada estructura "buscando a...", la cinta logra interesar cuando habla sobre el cmic como expresin artstica y el compromiso del artista frente al mercadeo.

Mark P (ca) wrote: 'Dark Country' is a taut, minimalist road movie darkened to wonderful effect as it twists and turns in the shadow of The Twilight Zone. First time director and star Thomas Jane needs praise for this.

Chris W (mx) wrote: A haunting depiction of peer pressure and dysfunctional families. Evan Rachel Wood gives us a performance that stays with you forever, realizing she has a great future ahead of her. Hunter and Reed give flawless performances that are poetic and memorable. A truthful script and great direction is the final keys to this great movie. Highly recommended. It's a movie that you will remember forever.

Luke H (br) wrote: trashy brit comedy, plays a bit like american pie from a girls pov bt she's stuck inside the body of a bloke

Jeff B (jp) wrote: Boring and British...not a good combination.

Alex A (jp) wrote: This is is the first Ingmar Bergman movie I have seen, and after walking away from it I still can't decide if it was a pretentious misfire or an extraordinary masterpiece. I will admit that while the film was much different than I had originally expected, it was still beautifully photographed and wonderfully acted by its leads, but it was the films thematic implications and the stylistic choices made by Bergman that left me scratching my head. It's definitely a unique and admirable picture, but one that I found very inaccessible and hard to pin down. Honestly I'm still not even sure what to think of it. I believe that it's certainly something that I should go back and rewatch, but I'm still uncertain if this was best movie to start off with for Ingmar Bergman's filmography and if I should go give a few of his other films a watch before going back to this one.

STCENTERPRISE (fr) wrote: I actually thought that this film was not too bad actually. It is intresting though & quiet true that you can not tell what the weather or time of day it is in the tunnal (that Churchill was kept in for safty), unless you either look at a whatch or someone tells yu. I thought they expressed that quiet well in this film. It was not abad action fighting film either.

Kristian G (ru) wrote: Fellini's movies may not be the most interesting plot wise at times, but his characters are by far some of the better ones you'll see in a movie. And its easy to see that influence on Scorsese.

Richard L (jp) wrote: Harrowing and disturbing very realistic showing aspects of the lives that some people really do live,Nothing to do with benefits though don't know what that reviewer was on about this was just portraying people who's lives have become desperate and have found themselves In the gutter like everything there is good in some and bad in others unfortunately the bad seem to outnumber the good when your at the bottom of society.

Josue E (ru) wrote: A really good classic probably atheist best cgi movie

Louis M (it) wrote: War ! What is it good for absolutely nothing! Say it again war!

lewis g (de) wrote: October Gale abruptly shifted from an exploration of grief to a house-bound thriller.With a buildup of tension that fails to payoff. (@Lewis_MrG)