A young boy lets the animals out of their cages at the Zoo, to set them free, but the animals start taking over the town.

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Quincy J (de) wrote: It is not a horrible a movie, however, It comes across as too vague in what it is trying to tell the viewer. Has no real links to the original movies that came out the years ago.

Gordon L (nl) wrote: A film buried into obscurity, for very good reason. A juvinline attempt to lampoon many of heavy hitters of the years prior to it's release (Matrix, Fight Club, Minority Report to name a few) Well below the bar set by similar spoofs, a title only for those who are in the market to lose time and brainpower. This is the kind of feature that even a mother couldn't love (or manage to sit through the entire screening to support)

Jonathan F (es) wrote: The title and the celebrity cameos. Those two things are all that constitutes me giving this film any rating above a zero. If the movie were two minutes long, with one minute devoted to the opening credits and the other one to Pauly Shore being killed, then this movie would've gotten a 10 from me. The whole thing felt like a student film. A bad one.

James H (ca) wrote: Outstanding and very detailed chronicle of the building of the Brooklyn bridge. Superb use of archive footage, excellent narration. Superb!

Clark N (ag) wrote: This is hands down my favorite movie. The restored version is a must see!

Christian S (ru) wrote: I thought this was as good as Jeepers Creepers, Mimic or Relic. The lead actor, though huge, displayed a full range of emotion. It was an intense ride. I'd like a sequal, even if Kevin Durand is scooped up for some CSI-type role.