In 1946 a young man from China named Zee-Oui immigrated to Thailand in hope of a better life. His only possession was the knife inherited from his mother. However, everything did not turn out as he had thought. He was bullied and humiliated from everyone around him. He tried desperately to survive in this world. He became ill. He missed his mother... At the same time, his instincts increasingly oppressed his thoughts and behaviors. He began killing children, consuming their heart and liver in the believe that it would make him stronger. Whenever he felt weak, he would kill again and again just to avoid the insecure feelings. At the end, he was caught and confessed to all the killings he had done. He was sentenced to the death penalty as the society returned to serenity. But why there were still missing and murdered children?

In 1946 a young man from China named Zee-Oui immigrated to Thailand in hope of a better life. His only possession was the knife inherited from his mother. However, everything did not turn ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David S (us) wrote: BAsed on real life events, when Bud Bundy after being verbally abused by his whole family becomes a serial killer....WTF!! SUCKY MOVIE!!

Adam D (de) wrote: Good movie for the family, or even just the youngsters. :)

Carolina M (mx) wrote: Genial animacin, jodida realidad =(

Mark A (au) wrote: Was hoping for better...

James N (us) wrote: It's okay if you like darkman.

Lisa C (mx) wrote: I recommend this movie to anyone who is comtemplating marriage. It showed that not only two people will be married but also marrying the family, their ideas, and lifestyle. Meeting the family and living in the hometwon you can "feel" the boat you are about to get into. So, it will depend on whether you want to sail in with the boat or jump out. Sexuality as a "homosexual" is a sensitive matter esp. when it relates to family and learning how to live in that shadow. Overall, the acting of of William McNamara and Jim Carrey as dramatic actors (no, Jim did not play the gay guy) really shines. Jim's is better here than as a comedian. MORAL LESSON: Get to know your fiance(e) very well before comitting to marriage... Lesson 2: Know what you want in life, and be accepted for your decision and for who you are.

Nikki B (au) wrote: A terrible movie, but a great guilty pleasure.

Mr B (de) wrote: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is known as a television personality concocted by Cassandra Peterson. Elvira is known for hosting a television show in the eighties dedicated to showing bad horror and sci/fi movies. Her style was to make comments on the film she was hosting while doing brief gags in between the film itself. Her look was directly taken from Vampira who was also known for hosting horror movies. Elvira was a huge sensation and it wasn't just the rack either. Well, the rack may have had something to do with it, but so did her sarcastic wit and charming persona. It wouldn't be long before Elvira would be the star of her very own movie. Peterson, however, has been known for many films. She started out first as an actress and it was usually her valley girl approach that got her roles. Even some of that valley girl in herself spilling over into Elvira. Sadly the only roles she could ever get were bit parts or small supporting roles in certain films. Her biggest one would be of course the lovable and sexy Mistress of the Dark, Elvira. In her first feature, Elvira quits her tv hosting job and discovers she had an Aunt that recently deceased. The Aunt has a Will and Elvira is determined to get some cash so she can head to Vegas and star in her very own show. When she arrives in Fallwell, Massachusetts she shakes up the locals (including the young boys) by her appearance. That huge rack being ever so hypnotizing the men and enraging the women. When it turns out that her Aunt only left her the Mansion along with a certain cookbook in the Will, Elvira sees that she's stuck in Mayberry forever with the locals. And those locals are getting nastier and nastier by the day. Especially the elderly ones. The teenagers are cool with her though. This film doesn't have much in terms of a plot other than it's about Elvira having to protect a special cookbook from her Uncle. The cookbook is really a spellbook that the Uncle wants so he can take over the world. There are a ton of sexual innuendos and puns and one very funny scene at the town's morality picnic where one of Elvira's spells go wrong sending everyone into an orgiastic state. That had me chuckling. Even though this film does suffer from a state of excessive irreverence, it only works thanks to Elvira and is the only reason to watch the film. I think that's good enough to warrant a recommendation.

jon lechleidner (jp) wrote: THIS ONE IS BETTER THAN NORTH SHORE! (joke). A movie about Pals, before Bussy went nutz, and JMV crashed his bike.

Hans J E (ca) wrote: When i sat down to watch this, I actually thought I was about to see the Hitchcock classic of the same name, but a few minutes in I found out that I was watching a British TV-remake. I decided to give it a try anyway. Unfortunately, I found it a bit dull.

Karim G (mx) wrote: "Watching The Muppets at the silver Screen is Just Enough"

Aaron G (nl) wrote: The only way to get through this movie is to mentally assume these men are all gay and this is a look at gay life in the military and not just a cheesy airheaded movie about pretty men being pretty.