John Davies suffers from multiple obsessive compulsive disorders. When his current model girlfriend leaves him, he decides to replace her with the number 1 babe on planet Earth - Czech model Veronika Zemanova. The film follows his attempts to curb his old obsessions in order to meet his latest obsession - Veronika.

John Davies suffers from multiple obsessive compulsive disorders. When his current model girlfriend leaves him, he decides to replace her with the number 1 babe on planet Earth - Czech ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shelby L (jp) wrote: Good movie keeps you guessing till the very end

Joe H (ca) wrote: It was pretty fair. For deafies only, I mention that it doesn't have neither closed captioning nor subtitle unless African group spoke their own language only. You all should forget this movie because it is boring without closed captioning.

Lee B (au) wrote: A prison ship goes silent at sea and Lance Henriksen and his crack crew are sent in to figure out what is going on. First off, Rebel wan, the director, and his whole entire crew should be sent to Gitmo for this criminally abhorrent masterpiece of crap. A note to the director and his friends: if you are going to put a short shot of longitude and latitude up on the screen to show the location of the ship, don't think that the public isn't going to Google that and find that you've given us coordinates that correspond to the Chinese mainland. I don't care if you are being cute, it takes away from an already questionable effort. To prolong this torture, we're treated to soft shots of the ship and credits that just seem laughably out of place, and a deck crew ferociously cleaning the deck with music that sounds like it's right out of World of Warcraft.The costume design and the people involved with this film lack everything- scratch that- ANYTHING that makes this group seem at all like a special ops group. There are no uniforms in this attempt, just costumes. The woman on the black ops team is even wearing a backpack that resembles a snow cone machine.The team sweeps the ship, finds survivors, but not the bad guy in question. An autopsy performed by a doctor, reveals a 12" hauling hook impaled in a guy's chest? Who needs an autopsy to determine this? It's sticking out of the guy's chest! Even Lance Henriksen can not overcome the cardboard plot and characters that would've been better handled on an episode of the X-Files. Holy ship! This is bad!

Tolga A (au) wrote: Michael Jai White is my new HEROOO!!!! Damn he can fight :DDD

Andrew P (kr) wrote: very good awesome twist at the end

Kaylynn K (it) wrote: Not great but has it's quirky and funny momments. I like how they tried to update Shakespear.

Art S (mx) wrote: Immensely satisfying, Dead Man is a masterpiece from independent maverick Jim Jarmusch, an historically accurate rendering of the American West that follows the spiritual journey of Wiliam Blake (Johnny Depp) from life to death. Not _that_ William Blake, of course, but the misperception does allow Jarmusch to quote a lot of Blake's poetry, delivered sometimes as faux Native American idioms by Gary Farmer, playing Nobody, Blake's guide on the journey. For this is really a road movie, terrain that cinematographer Robby Muller has visited before with Wim Wenders (friend and mentor to Jarmusch); his black and white footage of the serene wilderness contrasts with the stark views of the ugly white man's town of Machine - both are spectacular. Neil Young's solo guitar score is haunting, ruminative, evocative, sacred - the film would not have reached such heights without it. Most road movies are episodic, as the characters meet other players along the road and have adventures of various kinds and Dead Man is no different; Blake runs afoul of Iggy Pop, Billy Bob Thornton, & Jared Harris who might kill him and Alfred Molina who wants to sell Nobody an infected blanket. The white men are portrayed as flawed and violent here (beginning with Robert Mitchum in his final role), at least as compared to the Native Americans (who are not necessarily idealized). As Blake/Depp travels half-dying (or already dead) from urban decay through pure natural environs to the sea, I am reminded of James Mason's spiritual journey in Carol Reed's Odd Man Out (1947), as an IRA leader who is shot and eventually leaves worldly things. Mason is followed by the cops but Depp is followed by three bounty hunters who meet various untoward ends, allowing Jarmusch to employ some gallows humor. And, although the movie does have some idiosyncratic anecdotes and Jarmuschian moments, mainly it is a majestic, poetic, astonishing meditation on the rape of the land and indigenous peoples, transmuted into William Blake's experience and his writing by fire. At his point in our history, we may all be dead already.

Jon T (au) wrote: So cool to see all this footage I never knew existed.

Tim N (au) wrote: I'm a huge pro wrestling fan. It wasn't no oscar winning film, but for a wrestling fan this is really cool. Probably the best "wrestling movie" out there.

Scott J (de) wrote: Good if you like running zombies who shoot and stab people instead of eating them.

Slothbear T (us) wrote: Bruce Lee's awesome project. David Carradine is amazing in this

Jason S (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this version much more than You've Got Mail. I was hoping Buster Keaton would play a more prominent role. Judy Garland and Van Johnson were good in their lead roles.

Four Star F (br) wrote: This Road film follows two fugitive musicians played by Crosby and Hope as they end up in Rio. It has some bizarre moments but the "You're in the groove Jackson" scene is hilarious and it was especially memorable for some reason. This is another solid film in the series.

Kaitlyn J (de) wrote: Kind of interesting but has a good story.

Benjamin M (nl) wrote: One of the finest Motor Sport documentries ever made. It tells it like it is. Moto GP Is Fucking Awesome.

Rayana R (jp) wrote: Overall was a very good movie i enjoy it everytime i watch it