Zen Master

Zen Master

A portrait of the first generation American Zen Master John Daido Loori (1931-2009), one of the early and foremost teachers of Zen Buddhism in the United States. John Daido Loori was the ...

A portrait of the first generation American Zen Master John Daido Loori (1931-2009), one of the early and foremost teachers of Zen Buddhism in the United States. John Daido Loori was the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rune B (kr) wrote: Trur faktisk eg m flytta denna opp ei halve stjerna. Fantastiske karakterar, konge stil, historiar inni historiar og bra soundtrack. These are all my notes about freedom, I wish you had a chance to read them.

Miguel G (ag) wrote: Sappy; but I love this movie

Eytan D (jp) wrote: Predating "Fatal Attraction" by almost 20 years, "Play Misty for Me" serves as a nifty, thrilling debut for actor/director Clint Eastwood. It's suspenseful one-night-stand-gone-wrong fare that boasts a fantastically wacky performance from Jessica Walter as the classic woman scorned. But while "Fatal Attraction" manages to stay timeless, "Play Misty for Me" can't help but feel dated.

Ricardo M (us) wrote: Historia experimental sobre un carnicero asesino. Gran direccin. Mediometraje en B & N que te mantiene al filo del asiento.

gerardo r (jp) wrote: It is definitely worth it for Susan Hayward's strong willed character portrayal (which they say is not too far from her real personality). Four escaped prisoners take hostage a mail wagon relay stop called Rawhide in the desolate desert. When they are notified that the escaped convicts are somewhere in the area after the stagecoach takes its scheduled rest stop at Rawhide, they tell Ms. Holt she cannot continue the ride with her child per the policy of the stagecoach company. We find out that the 1-2 year old child is her niece. She is left at the station to take the next stagecoach the following day when the trip should be safer. Soon after her arrival the rest stop station is taken hostage by the four escaped convicts who plan on taking the gold shipment from the stagecoach that will travel the following day. The leader of the convicts, Zimmerman, thinks that Holt and Owens, one of the rest stop station managers, are married and keeps them together. Zimmerman needs to keep Owens alive and happy so that he can receive the stagecoaches without setting off any alarms. From then on Holt and Owens try to figure out how they can survive their ordeal. As the lead criminal, Zimmerman has two other convicts that follow his orders, but one, played by Jack Elam, has his own methods. Jack Elam plays one of the most psychotic and unstable criminal characters placed on the screen. On the positive side, Hayward plays one of the strongest female characters on the screen that you do not want to mess with (when the original actor that played Elam's part was too rough on Hayward, he was gone the next day). The whole production creates some good suspense. It also presented an unnerving scene where the life of the toddler is in danger; I wonder how it compares to other productions of the time since I have not seen anything similar to it. On the negative side, the dialogue, other than Hayward's lines, is uninspired and the story is straightforward with a few unfortunate cliches where the actions of the bad guy are extended unrealistically for the sake of the heroes. It is definitely worth it for the solid performances that Susan Hayward and Jack Elam along with Tyrone Powers turned in. The film was meant for popular entertainment, but the actors turned in fun performances with what they had. This is a classic example of what a "moneymaker" film looked like in 1951. A fun film with one of the strongest female performances on screen.

cli o (us) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Chris B (au) wrote: Not as good as the main films. Although it was good to see some of the witches get shot.

Josh S (ru) wrote: Good ol' Uncle Buck!

Adam R (es) wrote: It was a unique ensemble of actors, but beyond that there wasn't much to see. (First and only viewing - 3/28/2014)