Set in a decaying Buenos Aires, a poor Argentine (Minujin) wrestles with his newly discovered superpowers.

Set in a decaying Buenos Aires, a poor Argentine (Minujin) wrestles with his newly discovered superpowers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruce B (nl) wrote: Nothing short of awesome. This is another outstanding Bollywood film. About a girl who is deaf and blind, and a man who spends his life (40 Years) teaching her so she can become independent. All acting is over the top. More American Directors should watch this and try to match the quality of this film rather then the simple trash they turn out. 5 Stars

Katie B (de) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies. I loved the characters, the cinematography, the story. I also loved the whole cast, especially since you don't see a lot of movies with all asian casts. This was a very well crafted movie, I especially liked the use of the SAT words.

Mark D (br) wrote: Typical Lenzi really. There are moments of genius, but i just dont dig him as much as other ITalian directors. Watchable for the gore, cos some of the make-up is laughable.

Jon (au) wrote: It's almost an incredible thing to say that one of the best nunsploitation films ever made is from a country in which less than 5% of its population is Catholics and Christians combined. Starring the gorgeous Yumi Takigawa, who later went on to roles in other genre favorites such as Graveyard of Honor and New Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion, and beautifully shot by Suzuki and gang, SotHB has all you need: self-flagellation, a topless whipfight, several blasphemous lesbo ero-ero scenes, and torture by long-stemmed roses (!).

George L (au) wrote: Seen them all. Even the series!!!Every time i cream my pants from pleasure. Is something wrong with me?

Tom B (kr) wrote: There are strange things done in the midnight sun by the men who moil for gold...and this is one of those things! Rivals Zombies Of Mora Tai for goofiness, and yet, and YET! it's a damn serious movee! YES IT IS! Amazing how the story clings together, and also how they made it happen using lots of very cool stock footage. And then there's these, um, performances, see? Each scene seems to exist in its own world of emotion disconnected from the reality of the film. Extraordinary depths of melodrama that confounded us and made us...well, I suppose laugh is what it was...sometimes you have to laugh, even if it hurts. On a plus note, this little bauble of near-greatness was sold, yes sold, for a cool million back in 1959...wowza. There's hope!

Mark D (br) wrote: why 2.5 stars? because I cant decide if I liked it or not. ...I lived many years in Oregon and it is beautiful there, I've not been to bagby springs, but heard about it, and I enjoyed the photography. Potsmoking seems to be normal for most guys I knew in Oregon, but definitely not my thing, though, that was not the point of this movie...but thats just it, I'm not sure what the point of this movie was, and I dont know why it is in the Gay & Lesbian category, it is more of a scenic, lackadasical flick...unfortunately, that could describe more than a few people in Oregon...I met a lot of guys that were lackadasical potsmokers with little passion in their lives...maybe this would be a better fit in the documentary section. I guess, I, as another reviewer stated, was, just, not engaged...though I tried, I really tried to give it a chance.

Carlos I (kr) wrote: Greed is good. A good representation of the excess of the 80s. Oliver Stone really brings out the best of Charlie Sheen...