Zenon: Z3

Zenon: Z3

Zenon Kar a teenager living on a space station in the year 2054 competes in the first ever Galactic Teen Supreme contest.

It's 2054 and Zenon Kar is 17 and competing to win the Galactic Teen Supreme contest and celebrate at the Moonstock Festival. But wwhile Zenon iss bussy preparing, an activist seeks her help in a quest to prevent the moon's colonization. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Zenon: Z3 torrent reviews

Collin c (us) wrote: doesn't live up to the original! but still quite good

alex f (ca) wrote: cricket fans will love it more, but its an interesting look into the cricket world with some good inside stories. would of liked to have some close in audio from those days... get some sledging involved.

Jake A (kr) wrote: the trailer in no way gives you a clue what the movie is like. the subtleties of the movie were so perfect and certain things done so right plus the the brilliant detailed perfection in acting of the main 2 characters make it a ten trust me.

Dillon L (es) wrote: great movie, great moral to it n sad with a happy ending

Trevor D (nl) wrote: My biased adoration of this film is based, in part, on having attended the first official screening at Sundance and chatting with Neil Gaiman afterwards. It's a weird and sloppy story that leans heavily on its inspirations, but it's also ambitious and visionary. At the very least, it's cool to see Dave McKean's artwork translated into the three-dimensions.

Jacob B (mx) wrote: Neeson is awesome as always and the crime/mystery genre his past few action flicks have had make it interesting at the very least, but it's a tad too disturbing and dark for me and the suprising lack of action throughout was kind of disappointing.C+

Doug L (mx) wrote: Though a bit slow in parts, I enjoyed this story of friends who, working against the system, insist on pursuing the arts and knowledge. Definitely worth watching.

sh E (nl) wrote: a different kind of movie with a great message. loved it!

GM W (kr) wrote: Clint Howard is a creepy ice cream man, but what this horror flick failed to give, was shocks/scares. Most of all, this film is light on gore. But I enjoyed it, it was entertaining to see Clint Howard kill people and mix them into his ice cream

Anders A (ca) wrote: If aliens would come to earth, this is the least way it would turn out. Except for the ludacris story, it has the Carpenter eighty feel.

Andy P (ag) wrote: Payne's satirical high school comedy is dark, though mischievously rather than mercilessly and while this tone lends itself to some playful laughs, a bit more bite wouldn't have gone amiss. That being said, Election is funny, sharp and fresh.

Philip S (ca) wrote: Disappointing. Didn't look like much but got good buzz, so I was hopeful. Not sure what the appeal as. The jokes were lame, the twist was telegraphed, the actors uninteresting... What was there to like? Forget the buzz; take this one at face value. If you think you'd normally hate this kind of film, you will. I can't IMAGINE the sequel being worthwhile. Pass.

Trent N (jp) wrote: It's story suffers from an incomplete script and the the editing may be spastic and jarring, but Quantum of Solace still remains a brutal, fast paced entry in the Bond canon, one very different than any before it.

Spencer K (ca) wrote: a very unique little horror film. This is one of the better Christmas horror films we have and I thought it was an energetic, creepy, atmospheric and fun movie. it may not be for everyone, but I think there se nigh for horror buffs to get lost in and really enjoy. I did.

susan l (jp) wrote: This movie pursues the notion that human beings are "angelic' creatures who fall to earth into the cycle of birth and death. Light is our birth right even as some curiosity or ambition to carry that light propelled us into the shadowy dream world of material existence. As children we are close to that light, as we grow worldly events pull us further and further from our task of remaining light bodies that illuminate or at least remain connect to our light nature. We seem to forget why we are here, we build and invent but in the world Terence Mallick reflects back to us, so much of our creation has to do with journey and transportation, architecture that longs for some other better world or seeks to protect and distract us from that purpose we know we have but keep forgetting to remember. Deeper and deeper we go into our mistakes interspersed with hints and signposts along the was. These people may be inspiring us or maybe we just project onto them the "reminders" they give us of the better world from which we came. So we long for that faraway self , born of a better world even as we search for the portal that takes us home, that light at the end of a tunnel, shown in the movie for a split second. Lost as ever and overwhelmed by his mistake and his humanity, Rick goes to a priest who tells him that it is normal to this that the suffering in our lives may be God's punishment. But maybe it is actually proof of God's Love. By allowing us to feel suffering and keeping us there, we go beyond our minds beyond this world and are able to see what else lay beyond. Finally Rick experiences freedom or maybe it is better to say that Rick lets freedom happen. He has a sense of purpose and that purpose is to move toward his true nature , toward the light. to be nurtured by light whoever he can find it in nature and by accident. The more he starts to remember himself the more traces and existence of light become apparent to him. Now when he looks at a sky line. The clouds and the play of light on the buildings become the foreground and the buildings still majestic in their own way becomes the background. This is the creator's/Malick way of saying that growing spiritual awareness and even enlightenment exists along side and permeated in material manifestation, it is our challenge and our hope to focus on the light that permeated all material existence. Once we identify it we can identify with it and hold that focus above everything else. No matter what seems to be happening always remember the light is our birthright and our true identity.