Zero Bridge

Zero Bridge

A chance encounter between a teen pickpocket and one of his victims changes his plans to escape his dreary life.

A chance encounter between a teen pickpocket and one of his victims changes his plans to escape his dreary life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvia D (kr) wrote: Got a lot of chuckles from watching this movie.

Paul D (au) wrote: Not quite a coming-of-age story, but certainly one about finding oneself. It's a relatively gentile story of love, relationships, and understanding life through education.

Sandeep N (fr) wrote: psycho thriller.... really psycho movie... no songs, no background music, hero is d villain, he is delusional,screws his mama,kills all just for fun,dad is a maniac n blows his is sad!...*not a great movie*

David R (fr) wrote: great fun no brain required action movie

Hari R (es) wrote: Shakespeare adaptation, well made.

Bank K (us) wrote: Exceptionally good, inspirational, and sentimental. With great performance and scores. Another fine Japanese movie. Yatsuko Matsuyuki is so outstanding. In case you didn't know, the film was also based on true story. Even the movie was completely easy to guess the ending or conclusion, the emotional aspect of the movie itself is remarkable. 10/10

Michael A (br) wrote: Fascinating French film about obsessional love - or perhaps simply about obsessional sex. A fairly basic plot (bored philosophy lecturer has an affair with a much younger, gauche woman) turns into a nightmare scenario as he craves her more and more whilst simultaneously despising and mistreating her. It's an exercise in showing how an intense physical relationship can be overwhelming and yet still not enough if emotional intimacy is lacking. The young woman here seems unable to give the man what he wants, despite her physical compliance with his sexual demands. Not as good as it might look on the surface, but in its graphic scenes it does succeed in showing how sex without joy can be unrewarding and, yes, ultimately even boring.

WS W (de) wrote: Catherine Deneuve was such a belle once.I couldn't quite stand the film however.

Justin B (de) wrote: Pointless. Trashy. Gory. Bizarre. Stupid. Grotesque. Lame. Nonsensical. Random. Vile. Witty. Clever. Unique. Scary. Hilarious. Incredible.

Ross M (fr) wrote: Maniac Cop is exactly the B movie it sounds like. There's violence a plenty, damsels in distress, and Bruce Campbell. And really, sometimes that's all you need. 4 stars