Zero Charisma

Zero Charisma

An obsessive fantasy nerd gradually becomes unhinged when a charismatic hipster joins his role-playing game

An overgrown nerd who serves as Game Master of a fantasy board game finds his role as leader of the misfits put into jeopardy when a new initiate enters the group. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony E (au) wrote: Favorite of the year. The powerful performanes driven by a strong script pack a punch of an emotional weight that feels real and sinks into your being. Heartfelt, heartbreak and uplifting.

Susan P (de) wrote: I was really disturbed and horrified by some of the scenes in this film, which is about the struggle in the early 1900's to gain women the right to vote. It's about Alice Paul, an American feminist who, with the help of her friend Lucy Burns, write and struggle to pass the 19th amendment. To see this dramatic portrayal of history is more moving than simply knowing how much women have had to fight for our right to vote. Hell, they fought with each women - Alice founded the National Woman's Party (NSW) because the group they worked with (NAWSA) weren't doing much. They were wishy washy women who tried to justify their own oppression. Ugh. The NSW members protested peacefully and were attacked by a mob, sent to prison, put in straightjackets, were subjected to torture and were force fed milk and eggs during a hunger strike. So every time a woman doesn't vote when they are able, I am going to have this image in my mind and want to smack them in the head for their ignorance. We inherited our freedom and it's our job to keep it. On Aug. 26, 1920, the Susan B. Anthony Amendment becomes law, and 20 million American women won the right to vote. We don't make the same amount of pay as men and are still discriminated against, and although we make up the majority of the population, we are in the minority of political leaders. We have a long way to go. The very least we can do is vote. Dammit. :-)

Ross C (de) wrote: Amiable characters and a pleasant tale of Cuban life, contrasting the young communist idealist with an older, gay intellectual artist.

Zack N (ag) wrote: Not a lot of people can truely say that they have a one unique favorite movie thats stands out from the rest. Howerver for me Backdraft does. Directed by Ron Howard with an all star cast , Backdraft is the story of Chicago Firefighters of Engine 17. The film begins seeing young Brian McCaffrey (William Baldwin) witnessing his farthers death at a building fire. We cut to 17 years later Brian having just graduated as a candiadte Firefighter , he and his older brother Lt Stephen McCaffery (Played By Kurt Russell) don't get along so well , Stephen tempers with Brians station so that Brian is sent to his Department , Stephen looks over Brian & worrys about him after a factory fire , Brian did not listen to Stephens orders and nearly got killed. After a few weeks Stephen convinces Brian to give up being a Firefighter. Meanwhile thorought the movie , the Department responds to numerous calls that have been killing people with Backdrafts. Brian get's a new Job withfire inspector Donald Rimgale (Played by Robert De Niro), Him & Donald investigate how & who is causing the backdrafts which end in an epic finally and a extremly sad ending. Why do I love this movie ? well beside from the fact that it has stunning special effects & visuals , amazing music & strong performances. I love it being that I watched it at a very young age and since then , my whole llife i've wanted to be a firefighter , sure its farfetched & far from real but thats not the point. The movie made me love Firefighters & My dream is to someday be a professional firefighter. I could watch this movie 10 times a day and never get tired of it. Its one of those movies that get's even better after you watch it again & again . Backdraft.....Thank you.

Bryan W (au) wrote: Perhaps the penultimate exploration of mankind's journey through the cosmos being one of self-discovery, this film is appropriately corny and features all the trappings of boring 60's science fiction. The shame of it is, it would have been a truly great Twilight Zone episode, and you can feel that in every frame.

Cosmin I (ag) wrote: Timeless action with a timeless hero...