Zero Degrees of Separation


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  • Writer: Elle Flanders

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Users reviews

Alexander Z (mx)

A different beast than Westworld, less action-oriented and more of a mystery, but unfortunately there isn't much substance. OK for a sequel

Daniel M (jp)

Completely harmless is all that it is. Not as unbearably cheesy and manipulative as the common bear, but not an exceptional film either

Eddie C (nl)

It's interesting to watch "In the Company of Men" unfold, but the contents are so incendiary that it threatens to explode in our faces

Emily A (ca)

I really liked the peripheral characters though, especially Chep's boss and Detective Barbara. I really liked the blend of fantasy and reality in this movie, but it didn't give you enough to let you keep track of both

John B (us)

Newman's direction of his wife is poignant at times but this isn't due to Joanne Woodward who is fabulous in the lead role

Michael R (au)

His last official film in the franchise Connery goes out with a bang, instead of a whimper. starting strong with a great "Bond song" Diamonds are Forever is sometimes silly, but it is as entertaining as most of the better installments of the series. An ageing Sean Connery returns to prove that this really is "his" franchise

Pathetic L (es)

i enjoyed it very much. the details were outstanding, and the mice were too freaking cute. it reminded me a lot of svankmajer's 1988 adaptation of alice, with the creepy stop motion animations. this is awesome

Paul T (nl)

Well cast. I'm female 71 great entertainment funny, loved the characters and all the actors

Simon D (us)

I guess if they don't fill it with silly songs then it doesn't get the coverage that some of the others do. This relatively unknown Disney animation is pretty underrated

Tanner B (es)

A sweeping adventure, despite a simple storyline. Ultimately powerful, moving, intelligent Western also benefits from top performances from its cast. Open Range (2003) ???Corrupt lawman challenges Costner, threatening him and his lifelong hard work of cattle