Zhao Le

Zhao Le

A charming story of a group of senior citizens who set up a Peking Opera club in hopes of finding revitalization through singing and dancing. Fast paced and delightful.

A charming story of a group of senior citizens who set up a Peking Opera club in hopes of finding revitalization through singing and dancing. Fast paced and delightful. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Petros T (ca) wrote: For a big part, "The Out-of-Towners" rattles along in brisk pace, running on an amusing array of awkward situations and the chemistry of Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn, with John Cleese offering some delicious support. When it does reach the final act, though, it does start to feel a little overlong, eventually going out with a fizzle instead of a bang. An overall harmless comedy with the "middle-aged American" factor too strong. Wife, kids and work is all you need, folks.

Leon B (gb) wrote: Review:I have seen some bad movies starring Jackie Chan lately but this one has to be the worst. The silly storyline and mediocre action scenes were terribly put together by the director and it really felt like he was making it up as he was going along. Anyway, while Bu (Shi Qi) is chatting to a dolphin in her small fishing village, she comes across a message in a bottle signed "Albert" and then she sets off to Hong Kong to look for him. REALLY! When she finally finds Albert, he actually turns out to be gay and he says that he sent the message to his boyfriend. As she travelled so far, he decides to let her tag along while he takes photos of models on a boat were she witnesses the dashing, rich Jackie Chan on a boat being attacked by hitmen. She then realises that she has skills to drive a boat and she rushes to his rescue. For some unknown reason, she lies about who she is and she says that she is a refuge so CN Chan (Jackie Chan) takes her to his mansion and let's her stay with him. He soon falls for her gullible but sweet nature and you can clearly see that she likes him too but she leaves his house and goes back to were she originally was staying. Chans long time school friend, who is actually his arch rival in the stock market world, sends out his goons to beat up Chan because he wants to prove whose the best, which seemed a bit stupid to me. Anyway, the girl soon realises that she has fallen for Chan and she goes out of her way to meet up with him again. Whilst fighting off various goons and looking after his investments on the stock market, Chan also longs to meet up with her again because she brought some joy to his, somewhat, secluded life. Basically, they are destined to be together! The young girl, who played he main character, got on my nerves right from the very beginning but I liked seeing a debonair Chan, even though the storyline was ridiculous. The action scenes didn't really make any sense and the rivalry between to two school friends who fell out with each other because of a girl, was also badly written. I don't understand why the girl had to lie about her past because she really didn't have any reason to. At the end of the day, I honestly think that this film was a waste of time and money but on the plus side, you do get to see a romantic side to Chan which proves that he's not all about the action. Terrible!Round-Up:This movie was directed by Vincent Kok, 50, who also brought you Dragon Reloaded, Marry A Rich Man, Forbidden City Cop and Only Fool's Fall In Love, the Oriental version. I personally think that he made a right mess of this movie but it might have worked for the audiences overseas. I'm yet to understand there sense of humour, from a movie point of view and after watching this movie, there romantic movies are also questionable. I shouldn't use this movie to tarnish the Oriental market with the same brush but I really didn't get it. Hopefully, the next movie that I watch from Jackie Chan is much better.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: HK$40,545,889I recommend this movie to people who are into their action/drama/martial arts/comedies starring and written by Jackie Chan. 1/10

Mark Z (it) wrote: The pace can be a bit slow at points, but it's a visual treat.

Jeff D (de) wrote: Sharon Stone and Steve Guttenberg have the best onscreen chemistry since Mr. Wizard.

Stella D (jp) wrote: a psychological horror that sees the lead character going mad in a country house in ireland. gorgeously shot and full of visual hints and symbolism, the story is framed by a fairy tale she's been writing and keeps the viewer off balance between memory and imagination, aided by the disorienting score. a great performance by susannah york and masterfully done by altman, who emphasizes the puzzle by naming each of the main characters after one of his co-stars. very different from his later works, the film was believed lost for many years and deserves to be better known