Moscow, hot summer day of 2006. The four high school friends meet after a long separation. They did not suspect that this meeting will drastically change the life of each of them.

Four good folks from schools got reunion in a summer café on the bank of River Moskva, and they had an unthinkable trouble to deal with check, though one of them is so rich. One by one, a friend left the table to find solution and everyone of them met with different stories. The rich one got caught, ended up in jail for a night with the help from other folks. Friendship never ends... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sausages M (au) wrote: What happens when Christopher Lee owns a strip club? When a teenage Gillian Hills (aka the girl from Blow Up) runs with crazy beatnik kids Adam Faith and Peter McEnery? Or when Oliver Reed gets up and dances?Beat Girl happens. A piece of teensploitation cinema which is by no means a masterpiece, a bit on the hackneyed side, but an entertaining enough 85mins. Gillian is perfect as the spoiled bratty teen with nihilist pretensions and Noelle Adam makes a convincing, slightly tragic young trophy wife; but rather unsurprisingly the best turns come from Lee and McEnery.Adam Faith is risible, as you might expect. Nice little morality melodrama.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: Zoe Kazan's intelligent and perceptive script is the anchor to this interesting high conceit film, that's a bit like a more disturbing Stranger Than Fiction.

George P (es) wrote: This is from the NY Times: Andrew Okpeaha MacLean?s ?On the Ice? weaves a tale about two seal-hunting boys who live in an Alaskan village ravaged by crystal meth. The film is one of 6 out of 16 films in the U. S. dramatic competition shaped in the Sundance Institute's workshop. Credit: Sundance Film Festival


Zbigniew Z (ca) wrote: Great acting but there's nothing original in the story.

James G (jp) wrote: I should have known that in a movie with Dolph Lundgren as a principal character the acting would be pathetic at best....bad acting, horrible dialogue, poor sound quality, a pathetic script....the fight scenes were about as exciting as watching geriatric porn. It seemed to me that any extra with a speaking role learned his/her English about 3 days before the film shoot began....Don't ever waste your time with this film, not worth the struggle to stay awake

Laura D (ru) wrote: This movie was set on a very good premise: can a pill cure homosexuality and would you want it to? I liked the way that a little spectrum showed up with each new character and told you how gay/straight they were.

Michelle N (mx) wrote: Mostly singing snails

Henry M (mx) wrote: Never really got all the hype with this movie. Maybe it's because I hate NASCAR? Nonetheless it's still a Will Ferrel movie so it's inherently funny.

Andrea G (ca) wrote: This was an experience...no necessarily a good experience but an experience. Doesn't go quite far enough to be "so bad it's good" but Robert Englund is definitely the best thing about it so if your a big fan of his it's at least worth seeing. Don't know what else it would have to offer anyone else...except maybe the liberal amounts of nudity.

Tommy M (nl) wrote: Lawrence Tierney couldn't have asked for a better debut, and given the fact that it was made just ten years after Dillinger's death, this movie couldn't be any more inspired as to the nature of its story.The only problem with 'Dillinger' is that amidst its exquisite style, there is not a single major shootout sequence. Aside from the big run-in at Little Bohemia, there were numerous confrontations between Dillinger's gang and the police, but this film doesn't take advantage of any of the facts; it just uses a real-life story to create a "bad guy" character who loves to run, and apparently knows nothing other than how to piss off law enforcement.I guess in the 40s cinema, this was more acceptable, but the original 'Scarface' came before this one, and it was far more visceral

Bob W (fr) wrote: Number 3 in the original pantheon of atomic "Kaiju" monsters--in this case more fantasy than horror. Get this: a giant moth creature "ravishing a universe for love," replete with tiny island luminous fairies who perform songs. Yet it has a good cast, creative fun plot, sense of humor, appeal to children, earthquakes, machine guns, dance scenes, cheesy explosions, and an entertaining quality making it undeniably one of the most unique of the B movie monster era. Truly a classic in this sense. Surprising that of all the monsters, Mothra is the most common recurring character in the Godzilla films. Hmmm... so that makes Mothra yet another flight-themed sidekick ala Robin, Falcon, Buzz Lightyear, Tinker Bell, Hedwig, and Rocky the flying squirrel from Bullwinkle fame. Now THAT would make an interesting super-team...

Mark B (fr) wrote: Darker, more violent and swearier version of Boyz in tha Hood. Equally good DnB samples throughout.