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Jim S (ca) wrote: Bizarre movie about a homicidal tire roaming the desert looking for victims...no...wait...did I just dream this? Was it nothing more than a bad dream come to life? Well...that's as good of a reason of any as to why I saw this thing. It does have a sense of humour, but other than that...well I'm glad it was short.

Richard L (ca) wrote: quote: Whoops? Ed, did you say "whoops"? No, Ed. "Whoops" is when you fall down an elevator shaft. "Whoops" is when you skinny-dip in a school of piranha. "Whoops" is when you accidentally douche with Drano! No, Ed. This was no "whoops." This was an AAAAAAAAAAAAAH... ...excellent.

JohnnyLee T (br) wrote: Unsuspenseful heist movie with Jeff Bridges the standout. Takes 45 minutes to get started. The comedic touches fall flat in the face of such violent characters. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid got away with it but not this mob.

Vincent H (it) wrote: ERROL FLYNN, duh. Adventure, thrills, sword fights, and he is Don Juan; The ever popular seducer of women.

Jennifer T (de) wrote: I liked this movie! I loved Jean-Claude Van Damme in this! This movie is underrated.

LouisAntoine H (de) wrote: If you like mobster movie and you wish it the mix comedy with it, your dream has come true.

Patrick L (au) wrote: "One of the most misguided projects of the year, "Reach Me" has reached a spot into my list for the Worst Movies of 2014"Movie Review: Reach MeDate Viewed: December 3 2014Written and Directed By John Herzfeld (15 Minutes, 2 Days in the Valley and Two of a Kind)Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Thomas Jane, Danny Aiello, Tom Berenger, Terry Crews, Kelsey Grammer, Kyra Sedgwick, Nelly, Kevin Connolly, Tom Sizemore, Cary Elwes,Elizabeth Henstridge, Omari Hardwick, Lauren Cohan and David O'Hara.Of all the wacky and weird movies I've seen this year, "Reach Me" is on top of the list. It's a "Crash" wannabe, that has multiple storylines and messed up characters. This movie has an amazing all-star cast, it has Sylvester Stallone, Tom Berenger, Thomas Jane, Kyra Sedgwick, Cary Elwes, Kelsey Grammer, Terry Crews, Lauren Cohan, Kevin Connolly, Danny Aiello and even Tom Sizemore. "Reach Me" is one of those movies that will immediately fade away from your memories.Set in Los Angeles, "Reach Me" is the title of a motivational book written by a mysterious man (played by Berenger). When the book quickly gains popularity, it inspires a group of people including a journalist (Connolly), his newspaper editor (Stallone), an undercover cop (Jane), a former inmate (Sedgwick), a hip-hop mogul (Nelly) and an actor (Cohan). Meanwhile, Grammer and Sizemore play a couple of mobsters and Aiello plays a priest who has a drinking problem.Even though it's only 90 minutes long, I wanted this movie to be over because writer and director John Herzfeld (2 Days in the Valley and Two of a Kind) has no idea on how to construct the plot. The film's goofiest character easily belongs to Sylvester Stallone's newspaper editor. He dines at fine restaurants, he wears great suits, he has a nice car and he is verbally vicious with the one colleague he interacts with. At one point, Stallone says to him, "DON'T BE A FINGER PAINTING, BE A MASTERPIECE!".This movie is tone-deaf from beginning to end. It contains some well-known actors who are stumbling all over L.A. in search of a character. Finally, a personal note for John Herzfeld, "DON'T BE A CHEAP AND MISGUIDED 80'S DRAMA, BE SOMETHING NEW!".

Paul D (kr) wrote: Well handled sympathetic telling of two injustices against America, the killing of a President and a blatant disregard for the constitution regarding the following trials.