Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

The July 3rd, 1973 historic concert of the 'leper Messiah'. This was to be David Bowie's last concert with the Ziggy persona and the Spiders from Mars. A great medley of 'Wild Eyed Boy From...

The July 3rd, 1973 historic concert of the 'leper Messiah'. This was to be David Bowie's last concert with the the Ziggy persona and the Spiders from Mars. A great medley of 'Wild Eyed Boy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars torrent reviews

Robert F (br) wrote: Beautifully animated short film.

Emily L (ag) wrote: Heartwarming yet forgettable.

Jenna G (ru) wrote: I couldn't even tell this was a made for tv movie; that's why I love HBO. Great cast, really enjoyed the film.

Dan G (jp) wrote: I watched this movie for my US Government class. I wouldn't normally watch a movie about 9/11 .. I don't even wanna talk about what was in this movie.. Humbling. The copy I watched did not have Deniro narrating, and to think he was in Wag the Dog too.. Wow. Just .. wow.

Gina W (ca) wrote: Funny movie about Harvey Pekar who created a comic book based on his "every man" life, even in its dreariness and and repetitiveness.

Richard L (kr) wrote: Like a foppish Lord of the Rings, this pops onto your screen in a blaze of fireworks! food! finery! winery! dancery! prancery! and unlikely romancery! It was well good seeing aload of people ride through mazes of candles, giggling away without a care in their wigs, while Gerard falls with grace swiftly down hill, largely without a wig.

Allen G (it) wrote: right so, there's three films in Cage's career (so far anyways) that are both comedy genius on his part and failings of the movie on every other part. Deadfall is the first of these movies- Cage is glorious and everything else is bad. Vampire's Kiss is the second- Cage is glorious and everything else isn't there yet. Zandalee is the final of these (not in chronological order by the way)- Cage is glorious but everything else is sickeningly bad.I've reviewed this as a comedy and I think I can get away with that because it's so laughably bad that it must be intentional. It almost certainly isn't intentional thus making this a miserable failure as a film but I'm being very kind here and giving it the benefit of some extreme doubt by saying it's a comedic satire of the erotic thriller genre. It's Carry On Adultery with Nicolas Cage.It's all unbearably funny- everything Cage does and says and thinks of doing or saying in this is beyond belief- one example- "People die and people die , everybody dies... leave him. ". That's the most intricate piece of dialogue in this and it's terrible. This is a film where an insane Nicolas Cage is gifted with a superpower of being able to sexually control an attractive young women without ever doing anything other than be unintentionally hilarious. Cage was clearly making himself funny here though and rightly so- what else can you do with something this bad!?In one scene Zandalee is jogging and Cage suddenly appears from the corner and drags her into the side of some buildings before then awkwardly touching her groin area. This is somehow enough for her to, instead of pull out some pepper sky and scream for help, decide he is God's gift to women. "Let's f*** in the altar of the primal" Cage says at one point in reference to a church where he drags her unwillingly into a confession booth and has sex at her- not with her, just at her, until, somehow, yet again, she finds it irresistible. "take my coonass p***k inside of you with your husband in the next room"Everyline is this ridiculous, it's beyond belief and the funniest thing you will ever see. I'd give it 100% and call it one of the greatest comedies of all time if it wasn't for the sad reality that this movie is trying to be taken seriously. I refuse to call it bad though because the comedy deserves better and so this one is accidentally fresh but still fresh I assure you- if you want to see an erotic thriller so unerotic and un-thrilling that you'll laugh until you cry (and you should!) then this is for you.

Ali S (mx) wrote: A pretty terrible film. First of all, the story is a tired one...even for 1990. Two people get married so that one can stay in the country. Blah. Then there's no chemistry whatsoever between the leads nor is there much of an attempt to portray them as falling in love. This makes the ending totally unbelievable. Where's the romance? Where's the comedy? How can this be called a romantic comedy?

Adam M (es) wrote: 80's cult vampire classic. Two college boys looking to impress their new frat brothers go looking for a stripper to take back to the frat house and win their trust/friendship/beer so they when they find the After Dark club they think they've hit the jackpot. Little do they know the place is run by vampires and along with a fellow unpopular but rich student who's tagged along and lovely but airheaded barmaid Dedee Pfeiffer, they need to find a way out or, well, y'know. Vamp is obviously totally chessey and doesn't look great today but thats part of its charm and the main characters are likeable, it is genuinely funny at times, is set mostly in a strip club and also has moments of gore. A must see for vampire fans.

Jana C (br) wrote: One of my favourite movies

MF J (ag) wrote: This could have been so much better but thx to a stupid studio the film looks and feel weird. McTiernan repeatedly fight with the studio who absolutely wanted to make this film a PG13.Too bad because in the hands of such a talented man a film like this could have become something very big and fun...as it is it's just another cheap action flick with a great cast trying to save what can be..

Kristen P (nl) wrote: Stephane Audran is fantastique.

Aeem H (ag) wrote: Ironclad is a solidly entertaining film, low on character development,high on bloody action, the acting for the most part suits the film and is generally watchable, though Paul Giamatti is never convincing enough as an English King. I'm not too sure how historically accurate the film is but as Braveheart and Gladiator proved you don't need accuracy to enjoy a film.This was certainly a pleasant surprise as I actually ended up liking it, it's a trashy film but those are the best kind. There are worse films in this sort of genre of historical epic adventures and small band of misfits against an army of thousands. So makes the saying "you could do worse than this" quite apt.In the end while it's by no means a keeper, it is one you can put on sit back relax and watch with brain in neutral, definitely one to find on you local streaming service for a late night.

Brooke P (br) wrote: Loved it. There better be a sequel!

Michael M (nl) wrote: Typical plot that could have gotten a little creative but decided to go the plain old boring route. The use of Taylor Kitsch is that of a glorified extra. If you live in a harbor or never want anything to change this could be a good movie for you.

Narae P (it) wrote: Way too overhyped for what it is ... which is alright and nothing more.

David L (fr) wrote: can't wait to see the updated version, or even the 70's remake with Vanessa Redgrave. Crawford is formidable as always -Betty Davis, scary as hell. Baby Jane shd have died at conception. The score was horrible, as was the child star - and her singing, and her make up, and the doll.... die die die!