Zindagi Aur Maut

Zindagi Aur Maut


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Zindagi Aur Maut torrent reviews

Lucas T (br) wrote: Just a very bad movie.

Monny M (au) wrote: Watched this with the whole family this past Sunday. It was great until the 'non-ending' ending.

Private U (ag) wrote: nada nuevo en esta historia mucho de lo que ya se ha visto antes

Ieda M (fr) wrote: God. I could not watch it till the middle of it. I'm a filmmaking student, I'm used to seeing really, really long movies where nothing ever happens, but that was just incomprehensibly dull. This is the kind of effort that gives to the French movies that bad name. "Oh, you know, she made me watch some boring French movie" - this is it!

JD t (jp) wrote: Loved every minute of it. If you love or like The Who, check this documentary out as soon as you can. I have seen lots of concert footage but this doc goes deeper into the band's beginnings. I really enjoyed seeing those early shows in the clubs. Also, it was great to see the poster art as the band kept changing its name and members. Love seeing Keith Moon making Pete Townsend get even more wild. The early history between Townsend and Daltrey was especially noteworthy. Lastly, any chance to see the amazing John Entwiistle is a blessed one. You may be able to catch a repeat of this movie on VH1. Keep your eyes open.

Jacob P (kr) wrote: VERY good alien sci-Fi/horror flick! It has a very well developed story and really good special effects. The acting wasn't bad, either! I highly recommend this movie!

Stephen T (gb) wrote: Makes me want to go surfing...

Erik J (us) wrote: A slow start to a lengthy Cold War drama but the introduction of a murder mystery plot after the intermission heats things up.

Curtis H (mx) wrote: Maurice Chevalier and Wilfrid Hyde-White make up for the generally obnoxious Haley Mills in this fun Disney Adventure. The characters are good, and the action is enthralling. Its fun.

AudreyKim H (ru) wrote: I like Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse, but I felt that Garbo's "Ninotchka" was much better.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Fair aquatic adventure, but 'The Deep' did this type of treasure-hunting story much better 20 years later.

Matthew D (kr) wrote: There is a lie almost all fictional mystery films and stories tell us, that motive is important to building a case. In the real world the police try to not use motive at all, it is easy to think of reasons for a person to commit a crime, reasons do not constitute evidence and any real reason could be as likely as any invented one. I Confess is not the first film, nor even the first Hitchcock film, to continue this lie, but in it is one of the most egregious abuses of this myth of the motive (juries may think of their own motives, prosecutors point to them as accusations, but good detectives do not reply on them and judges do not allow them as evidence). The film has some other problems; the second act is rather dull, missing the suspense of the first and third, and the source of intrigue is convoluted. However, the saving grace is Montgomery Clift as a tortured soul afflicted with impossible moral quandaries. He plays a introverted man who struggles to express himself and is unsure when he should speak up, but who often hopelessly expresses his emotions on his face. As an introvert myself it's rare to find the hero of a story portrayed as such a positive type of introvert, usually films present us as untrustworthy for hiding our thoughts, and even if charitable they would rarely be cast as a handsome, heroic man as Clift.

Warren S (ca) wrote: I really like Preston Sturges movies and this is one that I had missed till now. Eddie Bracken is the same kind of guy he usually plays... and it's funny in this one, too. He gets a medical discharge from the marines for hay fever and he is embarrassed, so he doesn't go home. He runs into WIlliam Demarest and his five marine buddies and buys them all drinks. They learn that he was lying to his mother and telling her he was overseas, and they concoct this plan to sneak him home in a uniform so his mom thinks he's a hero. The only problem is she told a few people and the entire town is there at the station waiting to welcome home the hero and the next thing you know, he's being nominated as a candidate for mayor. One little lie gets bigger and bigger and even though it's a bit predictable, it's fun to watch and the dialog is just very entertaining to listen to.

Michael H (ag) wrote: The film could have been a remake of Ford's 1934 The Lost Patrol and was MGM's answer to Paramount's Wake Island. It's a well paced film in the hands of the more than competent Tay Garnett ("Seven Sinners"/"The Postman Always Rings Twice") and tightly scripted by Robert D. Andrews. It was filmed during the early part of the war when the Americans were losing in the Pacific, as it acted as a morale booster for the civilians back home to let them know that war is hell but is winnable and worth dying for to preserve freedom.

Tim W (de) wrote: Terribly clichd, generic, and rips off dozens of other other sci-fi's and horrors. Preposterous and twisted with cheezy sound effects and bad CGI, yet, effectively disturbing (but not scary at all, in fact, laughably bad in places). The tone was all over the place. A terrible A movie, a decent B movie, and a stupid cult following who take it personally when people diss this movie (idiots). I didn't hate this movie, I've seen it more than once, but I wouldn't spend money on it.

Robyn N (mx) wrote: "The Vanishing" is a fantastic thriller, and skillfully navigates through several genres with elements of classic thrillers, psychological horror, and mystery. Viewers who may not normally be drawn to contemporary European cinema will be captivated. Director George Sluizer unfolds his story with unnerving precision. Cutting back and forth in time, he traces the paths taken by the three main characters.

Calvin R (jp) wrote: Psychologically it blends drama, and horror with top notch performances.