Zinedine, not yet 16, had never thought about becoming an actor and playing the lead role in a feature. He was training at his boxing club in Aubervilliers, when Cynthia invites him to come to a casting. Helier chose him.

Zinedine, not yet 16, had never thought about becoming an actor and playing the lead role in a feature. He was training at his boxing club in Aubervilliers, when Cynthia invites him to come to a casting. Helier chose him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie C (jp) wrote: A very odd and quite scary film about how life would be like if using time in your life as currency, The story is very different which makes it good but it crams so many things into something new it gets a little too much and can feel abit confusing at times, With some pretty decent action at times it's all good but Justin Timberlakes acting could do with getting better, Maybe in time it will be (Pun intended) Overall a film that could of been great stumbles by giving us too much of a new thing at once but still a good film and worth watching.

Alex r (nl) wrote: Diagnosis Death is a good little film to watch when theres nothing else good on TV or you have nothing else better to do. The film from New Zealand is supposed to be a horror comedy, but it plays more liike a B movie, which is what it is. I took a chance with this film and quite liked the idea behind the film. I thought the plot was interesting and the acting decent enough for a film of this caliber. Obviously not excellent, but still good enough to keep you interested. For those interested, the film features a cameo appearance by Flight Of The Conchordes cast members Bret Mckenzie and Rhy Darby. Even if Diagnosis Death is a fair entry in the genre, there is plenty of room for improvement. They were a few things that bugged me, one of the things was that the film felt low budget. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of low budget films that are terrific, and don't seem like small budgeted films. But this one looks the part, and I personally feel that there could have been more effort to cover up how cheap it looks. I believe though that just because you got a crap budget, you don't necessarily have to make a shitty looking picture. I mean look at Halloween, a budget of less than half a million and it looked great. Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects 5 million dollar budget, the film looked well made, didn't look cheap. Duncan Jones' Moon a 5 million picture and it looked like a 100 million dollar film. Diagnosis Death is good and has a terrific idea, but the filmmakers seem to struggle a bit with their ideas and their budget and it makes the film suffer a bit. They couldn't get the most out of the film and I feel they took a few shortcuts to get it made. Which is quite sad because when one makes a film, it should be treated with respect and if it's got an interesting idea they should do everything to make the film look great and attractive to the audience. The filmmakers shouldn't take the cheap way out, they should take the time to craft a quality picture. Diagnosis Death is a good film, but at times it feels rushed, and it feels as if it was more of a chore than a labor of love to the filmmakers. Made by someone, I'm sure Diagnosis Death would've better than it really is. A film with potential, not realized to it's fullest of its abilities.

Anesia R (ag) wrote: I'm sorry, Til Schweiger, I'm still not buying your acting/directing.

Elise P (es) wrote: A fascinating horrific story for subject matter. The documentarian's dull voiceover was opinionated more than factual, much too leading in message, without much substance of footage to support it. More interesting as a story of a documentary getting sucked into a 'suicide by cop' execution with media frenzy and the psychopathic agenda of a mad woman. Far from an observational piece, it is somewhat muddled in it's message. Unfortunately we experience the tedious ranting of a mad woman with little to no real insight into her motives, or the facts of her cases. Some interviews were engaging and emotionally charged.

Saskia D (mx) wrote: I'm sorry to say it, but I was a little disappointed after seeing this. Although the movie has a beautiful message, it didn't quite tap into the magic it promises in the trailer and the potential the story in itself has. This could be because I had different expectations of it or because of the choices the director (Miike) made on the 'kind' of movie it should be. I've only seen a few of Miike's movies, but this one is pretty serious if you line it up next to the others.I'm curious on how the movie would turn out if somebody else rearranged an directed it, suggestions anybody?

Rika O (mx) wrote: mmm. alchohol and such women...

Hossein N (it) wrote: July 2010 - This is am amazing movie. For the first half I was wondering how this crazy story with that strange narration and the theatrical actings can merge and make a good picture. But all of a sudden it was as if I was watching a Greek tragedy set in a modern stage. It is poetic in such an intrinsic way that could be done by one and only one person who is of course Jean Cocteau. Obviously Melville remains a technician in the service of the novel and the movie has not much to do with his later movies.

Rory Fyfe S (au) wrote: Wonderful true story movie. Showed what a great man Mandela was.

Chris G (fr) wrote: The odd sci-fi plot becomes so much more thanks to the stellar performances of it's four leads and the absolute heart behind the story.