A look at the controversial author, philosopher and candidate for Slovenian presidency: Slavoj Zizek.

ŽIŽEK! trails the thinker as he crisscrosses the globe, racing from New York City lecture halls, through the streets of Buenos Aires, and even stopping at home in Ljubljana, Slovenia. All the while Žižek obsessively reveals the invisible workings of ideology through his unique blend of Lacanian psychoanalysis, Marxism, and critique of pop culture. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Zizek! torrent reviews

Tio B (au) wrote: Incredible the sacrifices this man for the betterment of humanity. I had no idea he stood shoulder to shoulder w the likes of King, Mandela, Tutu, and influenced JFK and RFK.

Monet J (ag) wrote: A complete waste of time. The plot was awful.

Steven M (mx) wrote: Liked the story it was kind of different too with Lois worried Superman was going to make her a robot

Pavandeep S (de) wrote: Okay film, mildly original. In one word, uhnhh.

Ivan B (br) wrote: par ljudi zeljnih avanture odluci se za paintball u ogromnoj sumi/paintball terenu no stvari podju po zlu kada ih pocne ganjati netko ko koristi pravu municiju, a igraci pocnu umirati jedan po jedan...S ovakvom zgodnom idejom bi i film bio savrsen da se pojavio prije "Predatora" jer dosta finta je pokupljeno iz istog, samo sto "predator" nije neko vanzemaljsko bice nego obican covjek. Jedna od tih finta je "heat vision" koji je koristen kada se gleda iz prvog lica ubojice i sva ubojstva u filmu su prikazana tako sto je po meni bila cist okej finta jer se film ne pokusava izvuci na galone krvi i neki shock value. Ugl meni je bio jedan od boljih u zadnje vrijeme iako stvarno nije bio nista nevidjeno i spektakularno jer usprkos malom budzetu ne pokusava ni biti nesto takvo...

Fascade F (fr) wrote: Lightning struck hard on my side of town while I was watching this insane cops vs. bad guy flick. It's insane when the bad guys are brutal but when the cops have to team up to take on the bad guys...the fight scenes becomes...elemental. Three police officers with nothing to lose goes all out to try to stop a team of robbers that are on a murdering spree for anyone who gets in there way to reclaim the money taken from a job they once have done. Worth your while seeing Jaycee Chan (Jackie Chan's biological son) being bullied on by the bad guys AND his fellow police officers. A really nice flick of revenge and redemption.

Amit C (br) wrote: Action packed martial arts sequences that still can't matched in Hollywood or Bollywood, wot a shame. Movie had a ok storyline but the action speaks the story for me.

Ali K (fr) wrote: A thriller then a horror then a dive into the human reaction to violence and in all of them it was well convincing.

M C (de) wrote: One Missed Call is 53 minutes of 'meh', 34 minutes of very scary, adding up to something not great. 42/100

Dann M (es) wrote: From director Tony Scott comes the exciting and intense thriller Spy Game. When CIA operative Tom Bishop is captured by the Chinese and left for dead his former handler attempts to rescue him. Robert Redford and Brad Pitt lead the cast and give excellent performances. And the script is especially well-written, particularly the dialog, and does a great job at developing the characters. Also, Scott's directing brings a lot of tension and suspense to the scenes. Smart and provocative, Spy Game is an incredibly engaging film.

Philip H (au) wrote: A good story, good acting, and it gets one thinking as to the possibilities of how the press can twist something in either direction depending on their agenda.

Samantha S (ag) wrote: what a BAD movie from such a great cast. Amazing.

Richard S (jp) wrote: Nice film-catch on TV some night.

Fenky G (de) wrote: I really like an eccentric and witty character, so first of all, Alex Fletcher really caught my attention. This movie is quick, sharp, and deadly. It has a very quick pace, stabs you in the right place, and then lets your feeling flow out to die. I am a dude, and for a comedy romance, I think this movie is really good.

Thomas B (jp) wrote: Not your typical organized crime movie. It moves slow but has a twist at the end. Worth watching

Jens S (ru) wrote: The final chapter of the Cornetto trilogy feels and looks a lot like Shaun of the Dead a couple of times. While it starts out like another Hangover episode, the twist of an alien conspiracy ends in a (blue) bloody slaughter in English pubs. That's pretty exciting and fun, the fights are wonderfully choreographed and the effects pretty convincing. The cast and the humor work too. Only the ending is surprisingly dark but not without optimism. But it makes you wish a fourth entry of Wright and Pegg reuniting.

Kellie M (br) wrote: Really good B Movie horror- great direction. Don't expect a bloodbath with loads of great special effects but I bet you get scared when the Doctor chases the lady for her hair!!