Based on real life story of Israeli oriental singer Zohar Argov, who grew up in a poor family, became rich & famous but the drugs brought him down.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:113 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:Hebrew
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:suicide,   drugs,   israel,  

Based on real life story of Israely oriental singer Zohar Argov, who grew up in a poor family, became rich & famous but the drugs brought him down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lindsay H (mx) wrote: So great, but will not be loved by all. The first time I saw it, I started about 30 minutes in and loved it more than the second time I watched it from the beginning. Silly at times and genius at others, definitely worth a watch

Courtney K (br) wrote: honestly, i debated multiple times whether or not i should stop watching this movie because the beginning did not grasp my attention one bit. but i stuck it out and the last 15-20 minutes make the movie -- i wish the rest of the movie was like the ending. it was very intriguing. this is why it gets 3 stars.

Nicki M (de) wrote: Very slow and a bit dull, although has it's good points. I liked the photography and special mention has to go to that dodgy mother with the 20 year old son. Ugh!

Drew H (mx) wrote: Laughably amateurish, looks like something done by high school kids, fucking terrible. I ended up reading a playstation mag as this was on, and feel I missed out on nothing.

Michael H (it) wrote: One of the best movies in the Gamera saga. I'm suprised that Toto, son of Gamera, didn't get any sequels Like it's predecessor (Gamera: Revenge of Iris) The special effects look great. Cool set pieces and amazing costumes, Zedus in particular But of course, this is a Gamera movie, so there will be childish humour. Made most obvious in the kitchen scene (which even includes a reference to the 1969 movie Gamera vs. Guiron) So, Gamera The Brave starts a year after Zigra attacked back in 1972 and concludes of the Showa series, ignoring the Heisei trilogy and Super Monster (1980). Gamera died while defending humans from Gyoas back in 1973. The year is now 2006, Monsters have not been seen since. Japan decideds to disband the "Giant Monsters Council" Toru is a young boy growing up with no mother. One day, he comes across an egg, in the same place where Gamera died some 33 year before. The egg hatches and (suprise suprise) it's a baby turtle. He names the rapidly growing flying turtle Toto, after the nickname his mother gave him. It's not long before Zedus attacks Japan, and it's up to Toru and Toto to save the day. It would've been nice to see Garasharp appear in the 1973 section. (for those of you who don't know, Gamera vs. Garasharp was scheduled to be the sequel to Gamera vs. Zigra back in 1973 but Daiei went bankrupt, thus the reason for all the stock footage in Super Monster)

Benjamin S (es) wrote: Not much new in this one, but how often do you get to see Caine and Walken having fun in the same movie?

Private U (ag) wrote: For the longest time, I was under the impression that this movie was a rip-off of the (also rather crappy) film The Core, but Deep Core actually precedes it by three years. Not that it matters. It's still a craptacular film appropriately relegated to saturday Sci-Fi channel reruns. Whil Wheaton does get incinerated by a column of lava, so extra half star for that...

Daniel K (ru) wrote: 2: Pretty standard IMAX film, but it would be amazing in OMNIMAX, as all films made in this style are. Even on my flat home theater screen the sense of speed and movement is palpable and quite exhilarating though. The problem is that there is essentially no compelling narrative and I'm not terribly interested in Formula One racing. The only reason to see it is really because of the unusual angles from which we are able to get a taste of what driving on these cars might be like.

John B (es) wrote: Can be seen as the colourful version of The Ides of March. Probably too much of a take on a comedic image of Bill Clinton to be taken too seriously but entertaining..provided that you don't give it a great deal of thought.

Andrew L (jp) wrote: cheesy, terribly acted.

Geoff S (es) wrote: Fascinating on three levels; for the story of the killer himself, the insight into pre-and-post perestroika, and a stripping away of all the ridiculous technology used to disguise the lack of story in modern crime dramas. Donald Sutherland and Max von Sydow at the height of their powers. Fetisov is beautifully written.

David H (es) wrote: A Brilliant Gangster Movie who can compare with the old Gangster Movies of the 30's in contrast to the American Gangster Movies after the 50's who never reached this Flair again it shows the Gangsters as broken Indivuals who's life is more a Pain than a Joy the vitality is gone away thats just a will to live on outside the Society where you can trust nobody and ive you do you skrewed

Chris H (de) wrote: A very strong premise and great first two thirds of a film make this must watch for any horror/thriller fan. A truly engaging film that is only hurt by an ending that tries to be too clever.

Doug J (gb) wrote: Good book. Good movie.

Ryan S (jp) wrote: 2.5/5 While Vin Diesel is good, the rest of the movie is filled with a few decent moments, but some very low lows. Way better than Chronicles, but not nearly as good as Pitch Black.

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John A (ag) wrote: An Electrifying Musical Performance From Metallica In What Is A Mix Of An Action Fantasy & An Incredible Concert Movie. With Metallica's Excellent Live Soundtrack Which Fits In Beautifully With The On-Screen Story Of A Young Man On A Mission To Survive During A City Wide Riot. Starring The Band Themselves Along With Breakout Star Dane DeHaan, An Awesome Soundtrack & Some Of Metallica's Stage Antics This Is One Film Which Should Not Be Missed By Fans Of Classic Rock As It's The Classics Which Make The Film.