An orphan is abused and abandoned, believed to be dead, and upon his return is first feared as a ghost, and then projected as a superhero.

An orphan is abused and abandoned, believed to be dead, and upon his return is first feared as a ghost, and then projected as a superhero. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob B (fr) wrote: While not for the youngest set of kids, ParaNorman manages to remain fun and entertaining thanks to its visual dazzle, thought-provoking themes about bullying, talented voice cast and a great mixture of horror and humour. Those who enjoyed Coraline are guaranteed to enjoy this stop-motion work of art from Laika.

Jon M (es) wrote: Decent documentary, though I wish it had focused more on the actual work being done by the NFR and more about some of their unusual decisions and less on mythologizing that which is already firmly mythologized.

William G (jp) wrote: Exudes a most bizarre deadpan charm in its tale of a man and his missing cat.

Kendra O (gb) wrote: this was an ok movie....reminds me of Premonition with Sandra Bullock, only not as confusing.

Rasheed T (au) wrote: I guess it's a okay movie with some humor and really awkward moments but some touching moments to compensate.

Jeannette R (it) wrote: Excellent movie. Based in real events. A must see movie.

Hong N (jp) wrote: too bad it became the template for many bad art films afterwards.

Lee M (gb) wrote: Probably the only film you'll see in a long time that affirms solitude as a perfect milieu for nurturing love, but what makes the movie work is the character of Erin, easily one of the most interesting and involving creations, male or female, ever devised for a chick flick.

Brett A (ag) wrote: This is Chevy Chase at his best

Tim H (br) wrote: An inept product tester is pronounced the leader of a small South American country after being kidnapped by rebels. While admittedly still quite funny at times, unfortunately Allen's multiple references to child molestation and incest ring a sour note in latter day viewing.

Jack G (ru) wrote: 'Cold' the precognitive word. Shot in a black and white that almost evokes film noir, or even Kafka, this is dark stuff, and you gotta pay attention (put the phone away during this). But it may be Richard Burton's best performance, full of fiery drama, some sulking, but plenty of life, which is interesting since it has to burst out from a surface that is, yes, cold and unforgiving. The only thing I didn't quite buy is how quickly Bloom falls in love with Burton early on. That could've used a little more time. But ultimately where it leads is captivating. How it entirely ties in with the 'Tinker Tailor' world I'm not sure outside George Smiley, but then again it's Control (aka 'The Circus') and home to a whole lot of fuck-all-y'all espionage but without the mega-gunfire of a Bond.

Drakov I (es) wrote: Wow. Loved this movie. Original smart and funny

Chris M (jp) wrote: It was a enjoyable live action/animated family comedy adventure. It had very impressive animation, really great cinematography, very great cast, great music, great adventure, very good comedy, very fun characters and a good storyline. I have seen this movie when I was 7 years old. I would recommend this movie to both kids and adults.

Kevin M W (it) wrote: How many creatures features out Scotland way? Not veddy many. Making this all the more special as Dean Jagger plays an eccentric American nuclear scientist who with local Leo McKern (one of the silly bad guys from the Beatles "Help!") combat a primordial sentient from beneath the earth. You might predict it'd be a laugh riot (until yer PS3 warmed up) but in truth it's alright stuff as a bowl of salsa escapes and threatens us all with radioactive hot stuff.It's better than you think.

Diganta B (it) wrote: Americans make good biographies indeed