College friends find their weekend of sex and debauchery ruined when deadly zombie beavers swarm their riverside cabin.

“Zombeavers” is a horror film about a group of tourists attacked by bloodthirsty and extremely fierce beavers. The scientists are sent to and they discovere that the beavers have been infected with a extremely dangerous rabies virus makes them be deformed and always gloat fresh meat. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Akhil A (ca) wrote: I am Kalam and Chillar Party2 great kids movie with message for adults in one yearsomething good is happening to Indian cinemaJust watched the trailer and before it could finish I wanted to watch the movieusually high expectations are not lived upto by a movie but this one doesn't line up in that queueJhangya is the lead in the movie since he pulled several scenes on his 1 foot shouldersthe climax does however hover around the brink of being childish but pulls it off wellall in all if kids can do it then y not adults..hope some r out thr to accept d challenge..

Faisal S (it) wrote: Notebook of Bangladesh..Bangla Love story...

Matthew S (jp) wrote: Nice to know nice guys sometimes finish first. And nice horses.

Margarita S (ag) wrote: The movie, of course, has all of the expected Wes Anderson traits - Quirky characters, beautifully framed scenes and enjoyable soundtrack. It bookends really nicely as a film with a solid, tightly conceived beginning and end. The middle is a bit soft by way of story and script and feels at times like it's about to fall off the rails. The excellent cast though helps keep it together.

Rachel T (es) wrote: i've seen the other casper

Curtis R (nl) wrote: It's Mod Squad meets Miami Vice and was a regular staple in my mid teens back in the mid 80's when HBO took a great movie like let's say Band of the Hand and showed it a couple of thousand times a year and as a 16 year old you never got tired of watching it. I still don't get tired seeing this rag tag bunch of j.d.'s get rehabilitated in a Florida swamp and open up a can of whoop a$$, I mean gopher gas on kingpin Remar and his cocaine cartel. Watch it once and you will watch it again.

Josh M (de) wrote: The theme song alone warns you of the ridiculousness you are about to witness. TerrorVision is a little bit over the top, but pretty entertaining with impressive monster design, cheesy comedy, and fun gore.

Bubba M (gb) wrote: Lemmon,Matthau,and Billy wilder .Always a great team

Ilsa L (br) wrote: Fernando Ray, Carole Bouquet and Angela Molina are all fabulous in this amusingly absurd look at the nature of sexual desire.

Charley K (kr) wrote: Better-than-average tale of trust in relationships, honor, and honesty. Gable and Loy have a perfect marriage, full of trust and love, until he's forced by corporate politics at his job to keep a secret from her. The secret is purely professional, but because he relies on his beautiful young secretary (Harlow) and takes her wherever he goes, raises suspicions which damage his marriage. This movie was billed as a comedy, and while there are funny moments (mostly thanks to the wonderful Myrna Loy) I found this to be quite a serious film.

Alexander P (ca) wrote: German expretionism at its best.

Chris T (au) wrote: Tedious, boring and insufferable. Downright bad and unnecessary.