Zombie Bloodbath 3: Zombie Armageddon

Zombie Bloodbath 3: Zombie Armageddon

A bunch of zombies that are used by the government to fight in a major war in the near future get launched into space. The space shuttle gets caught in a time warp and returns to Earth in the present day. Naturally, the zombies get loose and terrorize a motley assortment of folks who are trapped inside a high school.

A bunch of zombies that are used by the government to fight in a major war in the near future get launched into space. The space shuttle gets caught in a time warp and returns to Earth in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Zombie Bloodbath 3: Zombie Armageddon torrent reviews

Rebeccah R (nl) wrote: Great documentary. Interesting, disturbing and somewhat sad.

Jan C (ru) wrote: very confronting documentary about the darfur situation. A must see, even though you will feel miserable afterwards ;) My only point of criticism is that the movie is a bit too 'American'. But still, someone had to show this to the world, so all the credits to them..

Maggie L (it) wrote: Definitely the crappiest movie I've seen that year. There was this girl with goggles running around in the background the whole time.

Tom S (kr) wrote: Its last shot reveals the film to be an elaborate prank, but all power to it - poignant, hilarious, gratuitous, I can't justify changing a single shot.

Mge A (nl) wrote: super-fun but nonsense

Jette H (gb) wrote: Took a while to get into its subtlety but then it was well worth it

Steph S (ru) wrote: I really wanna see this!

Kerri L (fr) wrote: i love the book, and while this movie probably could have been from 1994 instead of 2004, it was okay by me.

Pete S (es) wrote: Does not attain the catharsis of Shakespeare. It uses as its model, but manages to deliver only melodrama.

Carol H (us) wrote: Much more philisophical than I initially thought it would be. This was the movie soundtrack to my college years. . . More quotable lines than any other movie I know.

Andrew G (es) wrote: About as tepid and generic as a slasher can get.

Ralph R (it) wrote: This is a Rambler the buck toothed tiger.

Rupert R (gb) wrote: An interesting film which combines archive footage with fiction, telling the story of an ordinary soldier's preparation for D-day. The B&A photography of John Alcott (who shot many of Kubrick's films) is up there with the very best.

Ben L (it) wrote: I'm having a real tough time rating/reviewing this movie. On the one hand I want to say I love it and it's nearly on par with Mary Poppins. On the other hand I want to say it's way too long and could use a fair amount of editing. Part of this problem comes from Disney's HORRIBLE decision to resurrect scenes that were chopped out of the movie to make it fit a shorter timeframe. While it's nice to have the songs back, the scenes add nothing to the story. As a child I grew up with the shorter version and it was quite delightful. The humor seems to flow from start to finish. The battle scene at the end is positively hilarious. The songs are typical Sherman brothers brilliance, and quite addictive. Then they put in the animated scenes and you have a great film for the whole family. True , the plot isn't quite as heartfelt as Mary Poppins, but it's interesting enough to keep you watching. But it seems nearly impossible to find that version now. They have reinserted all these little scenes that start to make the movie drag. Plus the audio was irretrievable in parts so they had to have other actors dub in some of the lines. It looks ridiculous and makes this look like some amateur indie film. If I could find the original cut I would probably boost this rating a lot. For now I need to be much more critical.Revision in 2017: Because of poor decisions by Disney, the DVD release of Bedknobs and Broomsticks utilized a bunch of deleted scenes that they found in the archives and tried shoving them back into the film. Some of these scenes even had horrible audio problems so they had to get someone to try and sound like David Tomlinson in order to ADR his lines. It was so terrible and so distracting that I had downgraded my rating for the film by a full star. Luckily, I finally got the Blu-Ray release and I'm delighted to see it back to the original theatrical presentation that I grew up loving. This movie is pure entertainment for me, and a fair amount of nostalgia as well. I love the interactions of the kids with Angela Lansbury, and Tomlinson fits right in when he joins the film. The animated sequence is great, with a lot of laughs. But the crowning jewel of Bedknobs and Broomsticks is that climax. It is absolutely hilarious and manages to make me chuckle every time even though I've seen it a lot. This is one of the unsung Disney classics that I think more families should check out.

Michael B (nl) wrote: Ends with a glorified slideshow. I wish Herzog focused more on the implications of the discovery of this cave and the drawings therein for science. More commentary from the archaeologists would have been amazing. Still good, just not Herzog's best.

eliabeth b (ag) wrote: not really good movie !!! Mary Stuart Masterson, Robert Downey Jr. did really good in this movie!!! very strange movie not one i'm going watch agein but its was worth to see another Robert Downey Jr. movie witch always good!!!!

D R (ag) wrote: At half a star this is a must watch. It's like when you were a kid, and you played on that slide. But to you and no one else that slide was a wall of weapons. Upon looking up you see a horde of orcs you must defeat. The movie basically follows the premsie that there's a princess, a band of orcs, a dragon, and random quirky actions scenes that you want to replay. In fact it's hard to distinguish this film from others because of the "DRAGON" part.