Zombie Farm

Zombie Farm

Hell has been unleashed on the small town of Muerto Verde when inbred cannibal farmers are turned into zombies after Taliban warriors poison the local water supply. The only hope for humanity are two FBI agents and four party-crazed college students.

A voodoo priestess raises a zombie horde to exact her personal revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruce s (fr) wrote: not shore may look it out

James H (it) wrote: It is a bit long and rather predictable but the enthusiastic cast is a big help and it does look good - fine cinematography, good costumes. The pacing is uneven and it is about golf, hardly an exciting sport for most.

Jeffrey C (fr) wrote: I liked it a lot. Quite funny, though it sometimes seems like Matthew Perry is just playing Chandler again.

Matt D (kr) wrote: Meant to be a delightful little comedy, the premise is actually creepy. Really creepy.

Sue E (br) wrote: Possibly one of the funiest identity mix ups I have seen

Willy N (gb) wrote: Written & Directed by Leon Marr

James F (jp) wrote: One of my fav Walter Walter Matthau movies

Silke B (it) wrote: Very, very disturbing. First I thought I had chosen an awkward language on the DVD-menu, then I found out what's about the language. I thought I might have been distracted during the first minutes and the story is hard to get because of that. Then I found out what's it about. Amazing, I don't think any major studio, regisseur, or actor would make such a movie today. They wouldn't dare.

Matthew S (ca) wrote: Franois Truffaut's "Jules and Jim" is a masterful examination of a true mnage trois remains oddly "current." The film takes place both before and after WWI. Jules and Jim fall in love with the same woman. "Catherine" played with casual sensuality and eroticism by Jeanne Moreau, is strangely transfixing. This has always been Moreau's unique gift as an actor. Far from conventional ideas of "beauty" or "the erotic" -- she non-the-less is irresistibly alluring. To Truffaut's credit, he captures Moreau's unique presence, intelligence and sensuality so that just about every viewer will feel something for her.The two friends never surrender their friendship despite a tragic war and their shared love for the increasingly fickle and odd Catherine. Ultimately the two friends end up trading places as her lover. There are vague hints that the two men might also be in love with each other, but that doesn't really need to be explored. It is a given. As fun, wistful and beautiful as the film is -- it is equally devastating. After years of friendship and love, these two men gain the true insight into their Catherine. The insight comes too late to avoid tragedy. We are left forever wondering if we were in love with Catherine or some misplaced idea of what we thought Catherine was. Freedom and love come at a price. But the market place will only bear so much. A true French Cinematic Masterpiece of La Nouvelle Vague. Not to be missed!

Ds W (mx) wrote: Perhaps more than any other motion picture I've yet encountered, Black Orpheus links the world of material phenomena to myth. What once was is again and again and again and again. And one of those constants is love. And another of those constants is death. This is one of those few films that operates like a great metaphysical text. Of course you know the story, but what else can one do but watch it play out? The ending reminds me of the ending to The Seventh Seal. I think the idea the filmmakers are attempting to communicate is essentially the same in each case. The music continues, the personal experience continues, and the sun continues to rise and fall regardless of who we identify as and who we may have identified as before. I really dug this one, IOW. Considered a classic with very good reason.

Carlos M (ag) wrote: Taking place in a pre-9/11 NYC, this conventional and unsurprising thriller seems dated like a revival of the TV series Millennium (despite its great cinematography), and even the juxtaposition of freeze-framed action with a voice-over about the 12 steps of AA feels bland and arbitrary.

Paul D (ag) wrote: I'm a born Trekky, what can I say! ???