Zombie Fever

Zombie Fever

When a meteor lands during a beach party, it kicks off a zombie apocalypse.

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Zombie Fever torrent reviews

Javier F (gb) wrote: Prometa ALGO. Todo al traste.

Ling E (es) wrote: Pang's Bro makes a good era of Hong Kong Horror

Guye J (ru) wrote: This 3rd 1999 sequel was weak! No wonder it went straight to DVD. The first two candyman movies was really good! The only thing I like about this movie was you got more of the background of candyman's past. Tony Todd is still a great actor!

Adam W (jp) wrote: Not too bad, pretty funny film that touches on some very serious topics. A wolf in sheeps clothing.

Dave J (ca) wrote: One of the more weird movies I have seen. I would suggest it just for that reason. The cast is nice too. The formula is the basic vampire story, but without the vampires. Much of it is shot on location and its just hard to guess where the story is going next.

Matthew M (it) wrote: A sequel that was underated and very entertaining.

Mike A (it) wrote: Bette Midler gives an outstanding performance! The story is touching, funny and entertaining. Somewhat of a reflection on the outside perspective of war.

Kyle G (kr) wrote: A bad hope for a requel. Also, who decided for it to be a made-for-TV movie?

Thomas B (it) wrote: Sinatra directs this Laid back WWII movie. The film is a little silly for a war movie. however, it does have it's moments. Teaches a lesson in the duality of man.

Pascal V (de) wrote: Int (C)ressant portrait

Rose V (kr) wrote: One of my all-time favorites! I love Bette Davis!

Andrew G (ag) wrote: I remember laughing... a little.

Alan G (br) wrote: best movie evar!!!!!!!!! 10/10