Zombie Love

Zombie Love

A man's wife dies so he tries to resurrect her from the dead but she returns as a zombie.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:zombie,  

A man's wife dies so he tries to resurrect her from the dead but she returns as a zombie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ak K (nl) wrote: fail. i hoped they'd do something better than tremors, i guess the underground-killer-worm genre is still stuck in the 90's. the cinematography was almost passing, had it not been for the incessant dizzying pointless shifting of camera angles.to say that acting was bad is an understatement. this movie was a complete piece of crap.

Chunghim W (ru) wrote: Very good movie with unpredictable ending.

Zahra R (br) wrote: its a great movie....shows that rich people arent always bad, they are humans and do have a heart, just needs a little push at times :)

James T (nl) wrote: A daft low budget sci-fi/horror/comedy. Mostly sci-fi, then comedy and then horror being the smallest of its factors. When I say this film is daft I mean it's VERY daft. Nothing in this should be taken seriously.The plot is this: A group of astronauts return to Earth after a space mission only to find that Earth has been conquered by insectoid aliens and the human race has been enslaved! So the astronauts try to find the president of the United States who is said to be hiding in the mountains preparing a revolution.Well the special effects are poor indeed. The aliens are bad CG creatures, the acting is poor and everything screams low budget. That therein lies its charm. The film is so unserious that it would be foolish to be too harsh on it. the acting is bad but the actors are obviously being over dramatic on purpose to heighten the comedy aspect.Other than the cheesy comedy there are other good parts to it. Aliens biting people's heads off, green alien gunk blood being splattered about and of course the main actor which is Bruce Campbell. That's right, he is the true reason to watch the film and he fills every wanted clich. He plays an osteopath who has been looked down upon his entire life for not succeeding in becoming an MD. But now when the human race has been reduced to uneducated savages it's Campbell's chance to shine and gain the respect he's always wanted.So Alien Apocalypse is not Campbell's best picture but worth watching simply for the fact that it is Bruce Campbell.

MF J (ru) wrote: Good comedy with a great cast, an interesting story & some adorable moments.

Aaron C (nl) wrote: Waiting... has its moments of wit and insight, however they are too few and too far between as it's bogged down by uneven storytelling, excessively indecent characters, and gross-out gags that are less than humorous.

Brian P (ca) wrote: Everyone favorite Clown\ good guy!! * likes to hide young boys bodies in his crawl space... * can i have some LIME \ to cover the smell.. * i'm pretty sure Gacy's life wasn't this boring... it's worth to watch.. it's creepy...

Tim W (nl) wrote: A light, stupid, funny, silly holiday movie that had heart. A bit of a classic and Christmas tradition in my family. Guilty pleasure.

Richard A (nl) wrote: Good sequel, based on the original Gary Brandner novel. Romy Windsor carries the film amazingly well. Some great moments.

Tigran P (gb) wrote: Raising Arizona has funny moments and the quirky humor of Coen Brothers for most of the part . The Movie's Narration did not work that well for me to be honest , i thought movie was slow for its type and had alot of not interesting or funny secondary characters and stories , i am talking about escaped cons and the Hell Rider . the details in the movie are very well made but during the movie u get bored because the whole movie feels stretched and not as funny as it should be... still Decent movie from Coen Brothers

Mark D (ag) wrote: I thought it was watchable but nowt special. Quite nice seeing Christopher George from 'City....' in this. Still a shit actor though even for horror movie standards. Potentially fun to watch but most likely not(if that makes sense)

Hesham A (au) wrote: The Film is quite good yet the audience felt boredom after a while. Also needed some background for foreigner viewers.

Gavin M (mx) wrote: DeNiro is surprisingly funny in this movie.

Jeremy H (au) wrote: sadly this movie is about what is happening to our freedoms and country.

lynne k (ag) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. It didn't take itself seriously and definitely kept my interest. Recommended for those who like their horror mixed up with some goofy humor.