Zombie Massacre

Zombie Massacre


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bill b (ca) wrote: extremely talkative.... could be great but... they did not used editing in a proper way

Amy H (fr) wrote: The story is original, but confusing and got to a point that is boring. And the movie isn't was filmed in black and white and made it hard to see where he was really going and what he was doing.

Kyle F (ag) wrote: Just crap with only 12 good minutes of awesome

John R (es) wrote: 120625: Ah, free Super Channel. This movie really sucked me in at the beginning as the intial scene between Jamie (a psychologist) and Mabel,? (a cannibal) was so intense. In some respects this film is very neat but, unfortunately, it suffers from terrible acting and poor dialogue. I really enjoyed some of the characters, in particular "The Wolf" (the primary bad guy & serial killer of young, female children) & "Bull" (a massive, tattoo(TM)d killer who gets agitated by the colour red). The Wolf's costume was down right cool and I found myself looking forward to Bull arriving on the scene, you know he(TM)s going to do some damage. Brigitte Kingsley(TM)s (Jamie) physical attributes are no doubt why she(TM)s in this film but it can(TM)t distract you from the previously mentioned poor acting. I found the sound quality really added to the films intensity and I wished I had the ability to explore the asylum; it seemed like such a neat place. There's also a cool use of lighting but, for the third time, I just couldn(TM)t get myself around the poor acting. It(TM)s too bad, as this serial killer does Little Red Riding hood tale could've been a classic. Still, it's good enough to make me want to seek out the first in the series. Perhaps it's better?

Waleed A (es) wrote: HILARIOUS with a great story. very unique type of comedy with lots of memorable scenes. the awkward comedy was some of the best i've seen, rivaling the office. and the 3 main students were all PERFECT in their roles. I also loved Seth Rogen and Bill Hader as the cops (about 5 viewings)

Oaks B (gb) wrote: Less creepy than just plain icky, this digitally shot slice of J-horror from the director of Ju-On doesn't quite hit its mark mainly due to the script's ambivalence in fully adhering to neither fantasy nor to realism as viewed through a veil of madness: the pragmatic implications of the flimsy and predictable "it's all a hallucination...or is it?" plot twist that unfolds late in the film undermines the entire film with an eye-rolling jolt of implausibility. Despite being a scattershot narrative with loose ends to spare, Marebito houses a gritty and understated aesthetic vision and sleekness that singles it out as something of a "cooler" selection amongst its "Asian Extreme" contemporaries...and unlike Ju-On and it's wig-on-a-stick and child-in-pancake-makeup "ghosts," there's nothing laughable or goofy here. I do promise you, you will never look at a baby bottle quite the same way again after watching this film...and your reaction to that statement will probably be a good indicator of whether or not this one might be for you.

Eliabeth A (it) wrote: The Confessor starring Christian Slater as the priest. This movie had promise, but it didn't quite pull it off. It was a mish mosh of subplots that just pooped out, leaving the whole movie disjointed. The characters were so undeveloped I felt nothing for them...nothing.The movie dragged on and just when I thought it might get good...it didn't.

Nikhil J (nl) wrote: a moving performance by john hurt.

Ciaran M (mx) wrote: As much a political allegory as it is horror , Boyle has managed to inject a sense of pulse and rage to a genre that was starting to feel as stagnant as the zombies it depicted.

Ryan B (kr) wrote: This one was fascinating. The fact that a stop-motion could feel so painfully realistic is a testament to the animation team as well as Kaufman's script.Still, I certainly would have enjoyed more to the movie.