Zombie Resurrection

Zombie Resurrection

15 months after the apocalypse, a group of survivors are forced to take refuge in an abandoned school, where they encounter a mysterious zombie with the power to bring the undead back to life.

The story begins at the time of 15 months after the apocalypse when the survivors are forced to take refuge in an abandoned school. At the place they meet a mysterious zombie with strength can bring the zombies back to life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua C (au) wrote: It really does show a fun cast and fun moments, but doesn't show it has enough value to sustain it's time with the same ongoing joke and little tid bits that merge uncommonly.

Bill B (kr) wrote: Watched as part of a 5 flick set, it's passable, but I really don't think these newer Scooby stuff will ever grow on me that much.Rental if you're a completist I suppose.

Aaron C (es) wrote: boring, couldn't keep my eyes pried

Pip D (es) wrote: Just watched this with a load of pupils in our Film Club and really enjoyed it. So much going, so many little stories of how post-war life affected different people. The story of the actual football match was a bit boring but then story of the father and son broke my heart. Def worth a watch.

james f (au) wrote: Rachel Weisz--oh my yes. Edward Burns, not so much. Paul Giamatti---yes. Hmmm.

wedstarfish 8 (nl) wrote: Scary Movie 2 is obviously the sequel to the box office hit "Scary Movie", which received extremely mixed reviews. Of course, their going to make a sequel if the first film did good at the box office. This huge letdown of a sequel takes a shot at parodying mainly "The Haunting" from 1999 and a little bit of the classic horror film from 1973, "The Exorcist". Overall, it's really not that good as the first one, and it's really just more stupider and more crude than you could imagine. It was funny at times, but overall it's nothing that great or even remotely good.

Mark K (gb) wrote: This is a overrated, poorly plotted little drama from an extremely overrated director.

Jesse F (jp) wrote: My least favorite of the original "7" Nightmare films but is still very entertaining and has one of my favorite death scenes in the entire series.

Ben C (us) wrote: I think this is my favorite of all ST movies. Will always be a classic.

Jonathan I (gb) wrote: Wow! Boring acting. Boring script. Boring "special" effects. Everything about this is, well, boring. And the story is so crackheadedly outlandish the only way to wish you weren't dead would be to watch it intoxicated.

Greg W (gb) wrote: one of my favourite WWII movies made during WWII amazing cast that could have only happened during the studio system.