Zombies from Outer Space

Zombies from Outer Space

They don't come in peace.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:German,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:zombie,   1950s,  

Bavaria in the late fifties. Someday the life of Maria, a young girl, changes all of a sudden when she finds the body of a woman. The scientist Dr. Robert Hoelzlein and the American Captain... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geoff H (jp) wrote: I didn't laugh much... Although I occasionally tittered. Wished it was better. :-(

Pamela D (fr) wrote: YELLOWBRICKROAD (2010) independentWRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Jesse Holland, Andy MittonFEATURING: Cassidy Freeman, Anessa Ramsey, Laura Heisler, Lee Wilkof, Clark Freeman, Michael Laurino, Alex Draper, Tara Giordano, Sam Elmore GENRE: HORRORTAGS: mystery, puzzler, occultPLOT: A small entourage of pseudo-anthropologists encounters disorientation, bedlam and horror on the trail of an historic mass disappearance. COMMENTS: A fortnight ago I discussed the independent puzzler, Resolution (2012). It's plodding and pensive, but delivers on its clever high concept with a disturbing climax. Akin to Resolution, the glibly cyber-entitled Yellowbrickroad follows a like formula and offers a similar experience. It's enigmatic, and saves all of its open-ended answers for its lurid finale. While Yellowbrickroad has fewer puzzler paradoxes than Resolution, first time feature film writer-directors, Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton do a pretty good job considering their half mil micro-budget, incorporating intriguing and colorful elements of mystery, and a couple of relevantly mesmerizing characters. In Yellowbrickroad, several young academics set out to re-chart a rural New England zone inexplicably reopened and declassified after an unsolved mass exodus emptied a nearby town 70 years in the past. And, you guessed, it, everyone disappeared in them thar hills. Except for their intestines, that is. OK, not just their intestines. Other parts were found too, but not nearly enough to account for everyone. Some of the emigrants, intestines and all, just...well they just vanished, it we get the general idea. Or do we?Because except for several token nods to the 1939 classic, The Wizard Of Oz, Yellowbrickroad's enigma is so perplexing that we mostly forget to question several pretty far-fetched plot holes. Such as why people in the town where everyone disappeared a generation ago are so tight-lipped. If everyone left, presumably today's residents aren't the descendents, and so have no stake in the matter. But that's OK, because something so unspeakable pervades the locale that just maybe it has a hold on everyone who is afraid to talk about it. One thing's for sure: when a group of 20-somethings venture into the spooky, spooky hills in search of a macabre mystery, we can predict that...well, let's just say, "we knew there'd be death!" A lot of it. To its credit however, Yellowbrickroad avoids typical deep woods "Boo!" and splatter clichs, instead building on the wilderness atmosphere inherent in being disoriented in a labyrinthine forest. As the team's equipment fails, so do their minds, and the fact-seeking sleuths succumb to bedlam and violence. Time and space mean something different here, and all the while, period music from the era of the disappearance inexplicably wafts across the landscape. The trekkers can't determine it's source -or the way back. The path, nicknamed the "Yellow Brick Road" since its original followers departed from a local theater playing The Wizard Of Oz, held then, as today, some kind of symbolic "way out." Or not.For the woods have swallowed our crew of intrepid explorers, their navigational aids won't work, and there seems to be no way off the trail. Reminiscent of an old fable about suicide, in which those who killed themselves were presumed to be dissatisfied with reality, and wound up sentenced to increasingly topsy-turvy, contrary worlds each time they attempted escape, the Yellow Brick Road in Yellowbrickroad obviously leads to some much weirder reality with the grim caveat of "be careful what you wish for."Like the aforementioned Resolution, or the engrossing but talky, independent sci-fi thriller, Primer (2004), Yellowbrickroad is a niche film. It takes is dialogue-saturated time delivering us to the sensational payoff. All three vehicles would be more effective as half-hour shorts.Yellowbrickroad offers some gruesome, blackly comedic skullduggery along the way, however and there's one forceful, enigmatic hint for what is to come: an unsettling sound effect that everyone will instantly recognize, but absolutely not be able to place. Until the ending that is, which slaps you with a sickening epitome of recognition, and of course, this adds to the shock value, making the journey worth the time, even if one has to hasten the hiking pace via judicious use of the Fast Forward button.

Michelle S (de) wrote: This movie was adorable.... I never thought I'd say that about a movie where the plot is about a giant flee with the singing voice of John Lennon's son.

Matt F (kr) wrote: this movie has some great spec f/x but i'm sure most people would find it repulsive

Rob E (gb) wrote: Amandla! See it. Please.

Damien B (es) wrote: Amazing, extraordinary, unforgettable.

Andy C (us) wrote: Straightforward and predictable, made tolerable by Marlee Matlin being pretty hot and stuff, although I'm still not totally sure why William Hurt was some kind of '80's sex symbol. He's not a bad actor, though.

Bonnie E (nl) wrote: Ridiculous vanity project made over 30 years ago. When most of the buzz about a film refers to the number of cast and crew members injured, it makes you wonder: what about the actual movie? Well, not much. The story was an extremely thin excuse to interact with the lions and it didn't work.

Sylvester K (es) wrote: A family moved into a house from inheritance, soon they learnt the house was haunted. However the ghosts are the least of their worry, someone is plotting something more sinister.More hilarious than scary, the acting was infuriating and the imagery were dreadfully amateurish. 13 Ghosts relied on cinematic gimmicks with no real substance.

Zhanyi J (us) wrote: Another good Ozu movie. Funny and a nice look into the difference childhood and adulthood.

Russell G (nl) wrote: This one was a lot of fun. A rocket mission gets all screwed up when the craft is hijacked to a planet of woman.Featuring a spider attack that would of made Ed Wood Jr. proud, this nearly gets 3 stars. A lot of fun, and it's like a Bizaro world version of "Forbidden Planet" with all the recycled sets and costumes.

Kio (us) wrote: This was a good oldie

Mary E (gb) wrote: I listen to this movie sometimes even when I don't watch it.. some great voices - singing AND speaking.