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More than 20 years ago, there were three “Ban Dou(street banquet)” master chefs who dominated the catering business in Taiwan. However, the street banquet business has been in decline since Taiwan’s economic boom. Master Fly Spirit wants to pass the family recipes and culinary skills on to his only child, Wan, but she desperately wants to run away from the family business and to become a film star.

When Wan (Kimi Hsia) returns home from Taipei with both a failed modeling career, and an enormous amount of debt, she finds that misfortune has also befallen her family's restaurant, which ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandra M (br) wrote: Evtbholollpkunnhjjiuhydfvdge dgvtf hdhfngjnvjvnfcjhfjvhughvjdjfpy..l,,gjvnghmbigjghchdfssrvxt,??,,rdtdrttyugyuhuhnknkhmmhhhhjhhfbgbvdvg

Jessica J (mx) wrote: Good movie. A little different than most scooby doo movies but still very enjoyable to watch.

Matthew P (fr) wrote: Pretentious, predictable crap.

Phil C (es) wrote: The critics that have reviewed this movie and have said they thought the pace was too slow or any the actors performed poorly had ulterior motives to rate this film like they did. I guess they can't handle a refreshing, realistic perspective on life. It's a sad reality that close minded critics have bankrupted this film.

Karoline A (gb) wrote: Desconexo, mas o tema mantem o interesse.

Ivonne K (de) wrote: I still dont understand why some reviews said that this is the japanese version of Bergmans Fanny and just be because it deals with the subjetc of family!!! Whatsoever, this is an awesome, funny and sweet movie about a japanese family who leaves in the country side of Japan. Katsihito Ishii made an excenlent and carefully balance of all the characters, each one perfectly developed. A travel inside each one of the stages of life!!!

Barry C (fr) wrote: An enjoyable movie that really teaches a person not to take life for granted. Great movie. Slow timeline but be patient. Overall story is nice.

Edmund C (it) wrote: Wow, wow! Hard to believe such arthouse stuff was made by an American director.. but it was.. by the talented Gus Van Sant - way back in 1991! He set it in the American midwest, used surrealistic timelapse images and a haunting 'Cattle Call' tune... threw in Shakespearean dialogue, gay street hustlers, a narcoleptic who yearns for love, family and wholeness (the show belongs to River Phoenix!).. it all alchemized, and it was MAGIC. This is actually the first time I'm seeing the full film. My first time in the 90s, i only had a black&white copy on videotape and didn't finish it cos I wanted to wait for a color version. And some years back, an ex-colleague presented me with the Japanese double-dvd, which I finally watched a few days back. Classic!

Jenn T (jp) wrote: Horrible graphics and lame plot.

Scott M (ag) wrote: I went to see this at the cinema as a birthday treat or something, good xmas sofamong fodder

Tim K (nl) wrote: These witches are even less scary than...every other witch movie ever.

Bruce B (ca) wrote: A Spaghetti Western directed by Sergio Garrone who did a number of Spaghetti Westerns along with a number of other obscured movies. Anthony Steffen and Mario Brega are the main characters in this film. When the movie opens up Anthony Steffen is a bounty hunter looking for Santana for his bounty. Early in the movie he is found and killed, so the plot changes to hunting down a group of men smuggling Mexicans across the boarder, along comes a new bounty hunter a preacher dressed in Black. Movie is very enjoyable and has a plot worth following with twist and double crosses. The preacher carries a pretty neat rifle hard to count the number of barrels on it. The audio and Video are excellent on this one. And this is from the Timeless Media Group The Best of Spaghetti Westerns. I give this one 4 stars as far as Spaghetti Westerns are concern

Brenden S (kr) wrote: Great the end heist was great and also when dom and hobbs were going all out on each other

Carlos I (gb) wrote: Cheap and cheesy family comedy. It's more depressing than anything, with how shallow and commercialized Christmas has become. What's sad is how accurate the mobs going for the turbo man dolls these days with black Friday the way it is. Arnie tries his best, but it comes off too corny.

Cj O (br) wrote: All I can say is this: This movie is great for making jokes throughout the whole thing, especially about Sinbad's chest!

David W (mx) wrote: Known for it's sheer stupidity, Snakes On A Plane doesn't fail to impress