Zoot Suit

Zoot Suit

Part fact and part fiction, Zoot Suit is the film version of Luis Valdez's critically acclaimed play, based on the actual Sleepy Lagoon murder case and the zoot suit riots of 1940s Los Angeles. Henry Reyna is the leader of a group of Mexican-Americans being sent to San Quentin without substantial evidence for the death of a man at Sleepy Lagoon. As part of the defense committee, Alice Bloomfield and George Shearer fight the blatant miscarriage of justice for the freedom of Henry and his friends.

A kind of musical accompanying the story of the early 1940's and the effect that the "zoot suit" (a man's suit of long jacket and pegged pants, always worn with a long keychain that looped ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rick D (br) wrote: Made no sense whatsoever and the description is not even close to accurate considering it is one guy dragging the body of his dead friend thru the whole movie... At least that is what we are led to believe for the most part... Good luck wrapping your brain around another Uwe Boll produced paint splatter on the screen.

Tiffany M (nl) wrote: It was an okay movie, I wish they gave her a better vocabulary instead of cussing like a sailor; even though I got that she was uneducated and young. I think the ending was my favorite, it was refreshing. The film had decent acting with an okay story line, something you can watch on an off day though.

Robert B (jp) wrote: Neo Ned (Van Fischer, 2005)A fun if forgettable little film that is saved from Lifetime Original Moviedom solely by well-above-average performances by the two leads, The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner and 10 Things I Hate About You's Gabrielle Union. Renner plays the title character, a goofy, happy-go-lucky neo-Nazi (yeah, I was wondering about that too) at the opening of the film who is forced to question his beliefs when he finds himself falling for African-American hearttthrob Union. Despite her better judgment, she returns his affection, and the two of them set out to see if they can make a life for themselves despite their obvious fractured beginnings. It is very rare to see white power played for laughs, and any director who's going to attempt it has to be prepared to walk a very fine line; I get the feeling that's one of the reasons why this movie never went much of anywhere, but it seemed to me Van Fischer (Blink of an Eye) did a pretty good job with that aspect of the film, using the comedy aspects of it to keep the movie light while it strayed into some very dark places. It lacks subtlety in a lot of areas, and it pays lip service to American History X a time or two without ever approaching the depth or gravity of that one. Still, as a lightweight and surprisingly funny film about the redemption of a white-power skinhead, well, it would be pretty hard to do better, if only because it has been so rarely done before. ***

Diganta B (de) wrote: A Fabulous Scottish dark movie, too underrated i must say

victor l (es) wrote: :rotten: This film is a boring and cheap adaptation of a Danielle Steel novel. I just didn't enjoy watching too many corny and stupid scenes and the starring actress is seriously ugly and uncharismatic.

Tim W (kr) wrote: This is a classic and Leslie Cheung will be forever remembered for his role in it.

taahhleee l (jp) wrote: CANDYCANE! CANDYCANE!I only like it coz of the candycane bit thats funny as

Allan C (it) wrote: Probably the most gonzo of all "Jaws" rip-off films. Instead of the man eating monster living in the ocean, it's under the sand. Not that much blood, as the title would suggest, but I suppose it's not a total bomb simply because of it's absolute ridiculousness factor.

Kenneth B (ag) wrote: This just all seemed a bit to silly for me. I like Hammer and I like Lee but this is a misfire in my book.

Thomas B (fr) wrote: A good western with an all-star cast

Nilufer R (ag) wrote: Oh such a boring one this movie was. I'm fooled by my dear Dakota Fanning being in it but if she and Emma Thompson wasn't in the movie I wouldn't give it even half a star..

Owen D (ag) wrote: Why not take things we have too much of. Movies about sharks, and movies about ghost. Then just combine them! Because it's dumb, that's why.

Eric R (br) wrote: That Evening Sun tells the story of Abner Meecham, an 80 year old man, whom leaves his nursing home and returns to his far to find that his son has been leasing it too an old enemy of his, Lonzo Choat. Meecham is a tough old man; he wants his land back, and what unfolds is a testament of wills between these two men. The film is well acted all around starting with Hal Holbrook as Abner Meecham. Meecham is an old school individual, whom is strong in his ways and Holbrook does a great job at capturing his strong will yet fragile frame. The visual design is very effective in this film with some unique and interesting compositions which really help to build tension at parts and you know.. tell the story. Its a strong story, and as the film progresses the viewer begins to understand exactly why Abner cares so much about his farm. It all unfolds very naturally.