Zor Lagaa Ke... Haiya!

Zor Lagaa Ke... Haiya!

Children build a tree-house to spy on a beggar, than seek his help against a builder.

Children build a tree-house to spy on a beggar, than seek his help against a builder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Zor Lagaa Ke... Haiya! torrent reviews

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Jeffrey C (ag) wrote: The story is good, but the actions are not exciting as expected

Edward K (ru) wrote: wtf was this i think the name of the movie was accurate nothing all that good about this 1 star for the suspense at the very end

Aaron C (es) wrote: a simple short animation about taking time out to help out the lost. pretty nicely rendered world.

Holly L (mx) wrote: This was so moving. It shows you how deep friendships can be

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Heather M (fr) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.

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cli o (ag) wrote: no thanks not my thing

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Brendan C (ca) wrote: Brilliant performances by both Cruise and Hoffman.

Nicole W (fr) wrote: love this movie ..to think i find it after so long of looking for it online i was thinking wow paul reubens in it got to find it

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Jireh A (gb) wrote: All Middle & High School Christian teenagers and anyone who works for youth ministry should watch this. #dosomething