Zor: Never Underestimate the Force

Zor: Never Underestimate the Force

A Journalist-son seeks justice for his jailed police officer father.

A Journalist-son seeks justice for his jailed police officer father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Zor: Never Underestimate the Force torrent reviews

Jake T (jp) wrote: This clearly shows that Mel Gibson is paving his way on the comeback trail. A wonderful return to form for Gibson as John Link *cool name* who plays a ex-con trying to keep his daughter out of harm's way after a drug deal goes awry. The writing is hardcore pulp, the action is a blast but what makes it work is the richly based characters. Bravo, Mel.

VoteFifthHarmony (es) wrote: This movie is probably the worst horror film I've ever seen. The only thing that's scary about this movie is that I payed $6 for this steaming piece of crap.

Gianluca B (fr) wrote: Al limite dell'inguardaile

Andrea S (br) wrote: Anything to see Jason Gedrick

Tyler R (nl) wrote: One of the better Steven seagal movies that I've seen in a while. Actually had a pretty interesting plot and fun action scenes.

James C (us) wrote: Two vampires pose as strippers to lure victims to their home so the Mistress can feast and finally become the strongest of all the undead.This is another movie with Charles Band at the helm, but this time, not under his Full Moon company. And because of that, this horror film seems to lose some of the fun that we all associate with Full Moon's output. The story is not strong, and drags (even with the short running time). The acting is standard by this type of movie, and with only a small budget, the make-up and special effects do the best they can. Even with inclusion of one of Charles Band's signature monster puppets, this movie is not one of the best he has ever made. But, as with all his movies, you will still watch it to the end, and strangely quite enjoy it.

Andreas K (fr) wrote: Get a fucking answering machine...!!

Ricardo H (de) wrote: Didn't like it at all

Susan M (jp) wrote: A very funny and cute movie.

Chantee A (jp) wrote: This is cute, great and entertaining for little kids

Marcela M (jp) wrote: Gentle love story that fades away

MF J (fr) wrote: Another visionary, highly creative production from master director A.Jodorowsky. Hard to follow, very disturbing & bloody, this film is unlike anything i have ever seen. Completely different from El Topo or The Holy Mountain, this film is nevertheless filled with incredible characters, beautiful cinematography, great costumes & great soundtrack. Completely deserve a viewing.

Rich H (nl) wrote: This film isn't for everyone, it's hard to watch in places when there is alot of movement, but it is (for me) the best film ever made, and for an action film, very low budget, fast paced, edge of your seat roller-coaster ride, and u feel like it's happening to you cos it's all in first person.Amazing