Zorro e i tre moschettieri

Zorro e i tre moschettieri

A romantic adventure about royal kidnapping, friendship across the trenches and high treason.

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Rick L (kr) wrote: Shane Meadows does a fantastic job of weaving an homage to one of Britain's most revered rock-indie-pop bands with the generation defining zeitgeist of 90s Britain ... deftly compared & contrasted with modern day British culture and the contemporary music scene of today.For someone who remembers both the original groundswell of popularity of the Roses and saw them at the height of their powers ... and then again almost 20 years later ... I felt emotionally drained after being totally immersed in both the rosy coloured spectacles of reminiscence and the grainy black and white reality of today. This was one of the best, if not THE best rockumentary films I've seen and it made me laugh out-loud and also become equally misty eyed and perhaps overly wistful.I had expected more of a Metallica 'Monster' type cross-examination of the personalities & dissecting of history but what you actually got was an emotive glimpse into a piece of music history. Thoroughly Anchored around the music & how it affected the lives of ordinary British people - Shane Meadows brought his gift of portraying 'real British life' into what was at once sentimental nostalgia & on the other hand a triumphant return to what should have been ... the opening (and closing) slo -mo sequence shows the desire of both band & the audience to not only re-live the moment but create something even greater despite (or because of) the intervening two decades ...The live footage confirmed that John Squire is almost without doubt the best guitarist of his generation ... but interestingly the intimate never-seen-before pre-fame footage & the live rehearsals captured by Meadows, showed just what a lynch pin Reni is to both the sound, and perhaps more importantly, the soul of the Stone Roses. Little wonder the Roses lasted just 6 months after he left. Also readily apparent is the McCartney-Lennon type relation between Squire & Brown - both each others muses. And Mani is, despite his foolery, the connection and anchor to the real world they both need & revolve around. Without anyone of the four it just ends up being what could be any other band - a fact commented on by Meadows that when anyone of them even left the room the Stone Roses stopped existing. As you'd expect it is all beautifully shot & lovingly crafted & edited by Meadows - one of Britain's best directors and also one of the Roses biggest fans. I suspect that as the live performances defined what can come of a perfect resurrection and second, Second Coming - the film itself will define how music documentaries can capture such rare ephemeral gems.#MadeOfStone

Jordan A (de) wrote: LololololololololololollllolLOL

Shawn M (us) wrote: Inspired by Tom Hanks BIG? I'm guessing, almost a total female remake, still decent.

Marischa B (ag) wrote: its about grownups bullying each other even though they are all grown up!!! and then in the end they actually became best friends!!! this movie can only be watched twice but not more than that cuss u will get bored with it after that.

Johanna J (de) wrote: One of Astrid Lindgrens most exiting storys...The book is great! and the film is not to bad :)

Alexander C (es) wrote: Want to see it! Will have to take into account!

Fiona C (au) wrote: Nice story, somewhat educational and not oversensationalised. My 8 yo gave it 10/10.

Trevor P (ru) wrote: Everyone remembers Order of the Phoenix for its creation of the repulsively nasty Dolores Umbridge. Although the government may have received a poor reputation from this book/movie, the fresh creation of all characters (especially Luna Lovegood) generates a more densely emotional, more socially relevant addition from what the previous films brought to the table. Although I still would not say that Daniel's acting is getting any better at this point.

Chris B (fr) wrote: What seemed to be an interesting concept was actually an exercise in patience. Skip it.