Zou Zou tries to help her childhood friend prove his innocence after he's accused of murder.

Zou Zou tries to help her childhood friend prove his innocence after he's accused of murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adelisa S (mx) wrote: Wonderful movie for all Benedict Cumberbatch's fans.

Alex S (ca) wrote: A visual feast and emotionally resonant personal piece from Weerasethakul, Syndromes and a Century is patient, beautiful, and ultimately astonishing.

Sha B (nl) wrote: Emotional Film!!! Good

Elolo N (mx) wrote: A movie for those who are inspired by the greatness of them that have come before us and in whose hearts big dreams reside.... as recommended to me by a dear friend in whose greatness I will always believe in.

Ron W (ag) wrote: A timeless classic. A must see. Every actor is at the top of their game.

Bruce W (kr) wrote: There's still this sense he's trying to figure something out rather than making new patterns out of stuff he's already done. I love this film

Paulo C (fr) wrote: A ver e rever e rever e rever...

alex t (kr) wrote: Great movie. Atmospheric. The added 20 min should be deleted. The characters and sets are amazing. Photographed by Douglas Slocombe to perfection. Partly on location and partly in studio. Matches very nicely. Check it.

Tim C (ag) wrote: Wow that was really good surprisingly

Kitty C (de) wrote: Good music and not too bad of a movie.

Jacob C (ag) wrote: 82/100 - There's something to be said for a summer action blockbuster that is exactly that executed to its fullest potential. Yes, the first of the M:I films is a little ridiculous, a little too complicated for its own good, and obviously focused on the action. But what good action it is! Cruise shows a nice combination of dedicated stuntwork and solid dramatic acting, and the screenplay allows for a lighter tone with good comedy. A well-acted, well-directed action thriller. What more can you ask for?

Debra W (fr) wrote: Non-stop action with great special effects and martial arts by Olivier Gruner.

JP R (es) wrote: By the recommendations of the reviews, the premise, and actors, I set aside time to watch this movie as I thought it would be a new favorite movie. I have never been so wrong about my expectations of a movie before. I thought it'd be like a Charlie Kaufman movie where a strange circumstance sets the scene, and then the characters react and show human nature as you enjoy all the crazy things that happen in the resulting story. Well, there is no one to root for in this movie, they barely qualify as humans as we know them. They just accept the absurdity of situations, I guess because in this world society accepts all the rules they are subjected to, so the rules of the hotel and the forest are acceptable. The movie is like a Twilight Zone episode dragged out for way too long, and the cruelty is disheartening. Some people say that the movie is humorous, but I think the only reason to laugh is because you realize how absurd people are being in the movie and it's an allegory for real life. Well, that's interesting, but not enjoyable. I'd rather have re-watched Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind, Adaptation, Her, or Anomalisa for absurdity that is actually enjoyable and based on how people actually are.