A Lebanese boy gets separated from his family during the civil war and ends up in Sweden.

A Lebanese boy gets separated from his family during the civil war and ends up in Sweden. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harshwardhan S (ag) wrote: Wish our film makers can understand difference between an adult comedy and a vulgar-crass movie!

Matt C (ag) wrote: Just fits perfectly with the Christmas spirit, probably one of my favorite Christmas films

Harshit g (jp) wrote: a nice movie by SRK and JUHI chawla

Michael W (br) wrote: A young man ignores his father's orders and heads out across frozen, Canadian wilderness on his own in the dead of winter in order to live with his uncle after he can no longer afford boarding school.

Mohammad H (ru) wrote: Fantastic based on a play movie

Peter S (mx) wrote: The only reason anyone would see this is because of the directors and the main stars. If the two cast members were, say, Pauly shore and Andy dick, and the director was Dennis Dugan, it would fail miserably. However, since that is not the case, it's an average, fine movie. You will definitely laugh in this, and when haven't Jason Sudekis and Owen Wilson been man children? Alas, it's different here. You just feel dirty after watching it, and it's more awkward than not, even though it's not as gross as there's something about Mary. It's not as funny either. Maybe there's just something I don't like about the idea of infidelities riding on a plot point. Look how Laurel canyon turned out, it's an hour and 40 minutes of an engaged couple cheating on each other, and in the last 10 minutes, they finally decide to do something about it. Luckily, this has more story and charm, but be warned, you'll feel dirty and dumber after watching it

Ian C (jp) wrote: Re-watch. Quality over the top war flick. Name taken from the classic 1978 Fred Williamson classic and a cameo from its director Enzo G. Castellari. The opening scene is really intense and at times unbearable.Waltz in Hans Lander gives us one of cinemas most memorable villains. The basement scene is another great highlight. Soundtrack is immense with Tarantino giving great use of Morricone, Billy Preston 'Slaughter' theme tune and Bowie's Cat People. A serious twitch off Kruger and Laurent. Good cameo from Mike Myers and Fassbender's the balls.

Heather M (ca) wrote: This was not actually as inappropriate as other spoof movies out there. Which is surprising because they are usually too sexually explicit for laughs and I expected this one to be so much worse. I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful this mockery of a ridiculous movie was.