Zui xia Su Qi Er

Zui xia Su Qi Er

Beggar So is trying to train brother and sister team Chung and Gam Fa, with mixed results! But an enemy from Beggar So's past, Grasshopper Bill Chan and his brother Cougar start causing ...

Beggar So is trying to train brother and sister team Chung and Gam Fa, with mixed results! But an enemy from Beggar So's past, Grasshopper Bill Chan and his brother Cougar start causing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sia A (ca) wrote: Great comedy, tasteful, funny

Radek C (de) wrote: Sometimes it's worth to take a long trip to understand certain truths about life and probably about yourself as well. Well-acted, a little sentimental, yet powerful story about being humane towards each other.

Andrei M (br) wrote: it reminds me of the old Indian who leaves the tribe...

Barry F (ru) wrote: I really enjoy this one, but the Engrish will make or break this for you. If you find it tiresome, yo may not enjoy it like I did, but if it's something you can handle, you're fine.

Dave S (de) wrote: The blending of Jews and Homosexuals in this film was refreshing. Extremely sad to think of what both groups went through at the hands of the Nazis. Liked it a lot, did not love it.

Chris L (nl) wrote: Who would have thought to see Helen Mirren and Cuba Gooding in the same movie about such violence, and understated mayhem. An arty action flic? The story itself plods from moment to moment, but the performances by such outstanding actors is what saves it from being totally mediocre.

Marilee A (us) wrote: Weird True Story, I hope they took some Liberties with it, cause this really disturbed me, the Mother/Son relationship was so inappropriate & creepy, & doesn't end well at all !!!

Marco F (de) wrote: JUNGLE 2 JUNGLE is a remake of an abysmal French mess called LITTLE INDIAN, BIG CITY. This movie is better, but that's not saying much. It's really a horrible movie- stupid, condescending, one-dimensional and awkwardly dirty- and there's a lot of it; this is the kind of humor that doesn't belong in a film that passes itself off as family entertainment.This is by no means a family film- the humor is too dark and too adult for children in this movie. It is impossible to care about any character in this movie- they are as attractive and as appealing as a mass murder. This movie is not only boring, but it flaunts itself as a children's film with a dirty mind. There are jokes in this movie that simply do not belong in a family film- the main child character sometimes behaves like a sexual predator; but this is all the writer's fault. I'm not against dirty humor at all- I actually quite like it. But in a PG rated family film that has not only bad jokes, but awkwardly dirty ones- is appalling.

Zoran S (br) wrote: Very charming though cliche. The fantasy of the over-weight outcast winning the day works well here.

Rodney E (au) wrote: A totally forgettable early 90's movie that I would have never seen had I not have had a huge crush on Winona Ryder. Roxy Carmichael left a small boring town and is supposed to come back causing everyone to go gaga and talk about her nonstop. Winona thinks she might be her daughterl. This sucks plain and simple and was sad to find out that Jim Abrahams directed this and there wasn't even a laugh. What's funny is that I have seen this in the comedy section back in the day and saw it on Comedy Central once but I could have sworn that it was a drama

Deane H (gb) wrote: This is a very funny film , Hoffman and Beatty do some "out there" work on this "how much weed can we smoke" romp, through a stella goof off fest.I saw this when it came out , one of four people in my town...but it was a small town.I think all the uptight white folks at the time thought they were going to see some sort of Hollywood ice-cream sundae... but instead got a Moroccan hash cookie.

Jerry S (nl) wrote: A good movie for the first hour but then it self destructs with glaring plot holes and conveniences.

Mister C (mx) wrote: Special effects wunderkind and genre master Bryon Haskin(who is mostly known for his work in the 1953 science-fiction classic War Of The Worlds and for the 1960's television series The Outer Limits among others)won a place in the hearts of fantasy film lovers everywhere with this gorgeously designed journey into the unknown in this innovative retelling of Daniel Defoe's classic story. The story involves when a intrepid adventurer aboard a spaceship crashes on the barren wastelands of Mars. United States astronaut commander "Kit" Draper(Paul Mantee) must fight for survival with a pet monkey in tow as his only companion and a runaway slave from an exotic planet. Is he alone? All three survivers must use their ingenuity and resources in order to stay alive on a hostile planet. Released in 1964,this imaginative and dazzling beloved techni-marvel of classic science fiction was Oscar nominated in 1964 for Best Special Effects. Presented in astounding widescreen Techniscope and Technicolor this classic also stars Adam West(the former TV's Batman),and Victor Lundin(as Friday). Running Time of 106 minutes.

Poot T (de) wrote: While the story is a tad predictable and recycled, the good comedy, amazing animation and fun characters make this movie very enjoyable.

Jackson Z (es) wrote: This movie was amazing. Not as good as Daniel Craig's "Casino Royale". But he is an amazing actor and makes one hell of a James Bond. A must watch Action film.