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Zurdo torrent reviews

Joey S (ca) wrote: Honestly fell asleep halfway don't trust this rating just wanted it off watch list

Milianis M (br) wrote: I love Gael and his work. Love artistic and alternative movies. Love off the beaten path storylines and yet I snored halfway this movie and couldn't finish it. Bummer :(

Victor J (br) wrote: long! the graphic images were not gratuitous and over all the pacing was well balanced

Kanika B (it) wrote: This movie will make you say, OMG he is soo hott every time Collin comes onto the screen. The movie is worth your time if you like romantic comedies.The end is unfortunate.

Jacob B (ag) wrote: Great movie. When you really want something, go for it

Peter B (nl) wrote: It's hard to care about the revenge story based on January Jone's performance. The over the top acting of Jason Isaacs and Ed Harris is fun to watch at least.

Melissa L (fr) wrote: Didn't like this one that much either!

Daniel R (fr) wrote: Always interesting to see horror and art house interact but intriguing visuals aside this film severely lacks characterization and purpose.

Steven M (de) wrote: Deservedly obscure Roeg film. I found Oldman very annoying. The first scene with Lennon's "Mother" and Oldman shrieking was great but then it all went to pot. Roeg is very hit and miss, and I say that being a big fan.

Dustin G (br) wrote: Exquisitely framed, as all Ozu pictures are, and a wonderful sense of familial relations and the melodrama of gossipy women. The film contains many entertaining and amusing pieces, even though it's basically a soap opera, albeit one with Japanese concern and customs. Not one of his masterpieces, but fun to watch.

Jovon T (gb) wrote: An average film with a good cast. Plus it was interesting to see Jason Statham as a villain.