Zvenigora stars Nikolai Nademsky (Earth), as the grandfather of Timoshka (Semyon Svashenko), whom he alerts to secret treasure buried in the mountains and the boy spends the rest of his life trying to find. The film wonderfully blends both lyricism and politics and uses its central construct to build a montage praising Ukrainian industrialisation, attacking the European bourgeoisie, celebrating the beauty of the Ukrainian steppe and re-telling ancient folklore. Zvenigora is a most remarkable avant-garde film, which has a unique style in its approach and disregards the more traditional storytelling devices. "As the lights went on, we felt that we had just witnessed a memorable event in the development of the cinema" S.M. Eisenstein

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:67 minutes
  • Release:1928
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:train,   revolution,   myth,  

Zvenigora stars Nikolai Nademsky (Earth), as the grandfather of Timoshka (Semyon Svashenko), whom he alerts to secret treasure buried in the mountains and the boy spends the rest of his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel E (mx) wrote: Una pelicula peruano-argentina con un equipo artistico con muchas ganas de traer al cine de animacion peruana una produccion de calidad, pues no lo hicieron nada mal. Para empezar debo destacar que por fin se puede apreciar un buen guion, sin llegar a ser perfecto, pero buen guion. La historia nos relata la aventura de un pequeo raton de nombre Edan, que es aprendiz de mago y como por esas cosas del destino es el encargado de salvar a Rodencia, la ciudad de los ratones. Nada muy complejo teniendo en cuenta que es una pelicula para nios, donde destacan mucho la constancia, el no dejarse vencer y el seguir intentando hasta lograr tus objetivos.Los dialogos fueron buenos, incluso me rei bastante con muchas de sus bromas, algunas de ella son referencias al Peru, por lo que eso ya vuelve la pelicula un poco mas fresca y genera identificacion debido a la poca costumbre de ver esas referencias peruanas en las peliculas animadas extranjeras. Otro detalle que me gusto fueron los nombres de los personajes: Edan, Bonle, Gruyere, entre otros, claras referencias a los tipos de queso. En cuanto a la animacion me quede sorprendido de la buena calidad demostrada, si bien todavia nos encontramos bastante lejos a alcanzar los standares internacionales, tomemos en cuenta que esas producciones invierten millones y millones para lograr ese nivel. Si hay algo que destacar fue el diseo de los escenarios, que tuvieron bastante calidad de detalles, felicitaciones al equipo de diseo. Tambien se logro crear personajes muy amigables y graciosos. Los errores de animacion se pudieron sentir mas en los humanos, aunque de toda formas no es de tanta importancia debido a su poco tiempo en escena. Otro punto debil son las escenas mas complejas de pelea, donde ciertas situaciones se solucionan de manera muy facil para terminar rapidamente la escena por lo que te deja esperando algo mas, pero nunca llega. Sin embargo el aspecto mas debil creo que fue la musica, donde sinceramente no recuerdo ningun tema en particular, no se luce mucho en la pelicula.En lineas generales si me quedo bastante satisfecho con esta produccion, tiene sus errores, pero no se sienten tanto como la agradable sensacion de te deja la historia. Sin duda creo que es la mejor pelicula animada hecha en el Peru.

Paul C (fr) wrote: I just want to say I love the art of the CG in this film. The mouth movement was a little tight and I mean that for the japanese language because I know it doesn't match for the english version. The story was very interesting and very solid with a great overall ending. Plus the fact this was made in Japan an Fumihiko Sori decided to make Japan the enemy. The voice acting was good and the scenes were done well. Plus a great score done by Paul Oakenfold.

Eric S (gb) wrote: Felt fairly engrossed watching this..and I enjoyed the dynamic regarding the girls faith vs. self worth, but in the end I was disappointed because even though I felt like the whole film was fairly predictable and I didn't want the end to be predictable, when it wasn't I was both relieved yet unfulfilled. I don't know of any other way that they could have ended it and thought it was an interesting ending yet still boring..was an enigma..haha

Mohd S (kr) wrote: I would give 1.5/5 stars for Deep Throat (1972). If you want to see a better film than Deep Throat, I would like to recommended you guys Pussy Talk(Le sexe qui parle) (1975)(4/5 stars). It is far much better than Deep Throat.

Jennie R (ru) wrote: Okay....So I read the description of this movie & thought that is could be interesting or some soft porn, either way, I was lured in to watch this. It was neither. The film couldn't seem to decide what it wanted to do. The story they used to frame up the movie was pretty good but it was a lot of talking, which was boring. The erotic stuff was just silly to watch. The way the nuns mimicked sexual acts and lust, looked more like they were ready to perform some over the top magic trick. It would have also helped if the director would have made it a bit more realistic and not used women with tattoos and various piercings. It certainly didn't convince the viewer that so were really chaste and pure nuns. In any event, this is absolute garbage.

Tsukasa A (kr) wrote: The British masterpiece movie portrays two contrasting young athletes who won the Olympic games in Paris. One is a devout missionary and the other is a Jew fighting against prejudice. It may be interesting to learn world in 1920s as it must be different from today's world. `Titles' by Vangelis is touching and beautiful screen music.

Jen G (fr) wrote: Intense with a breath of fresh air ending

Brian D (es) wrote: Classic black-sploitation flick... Dracula wears platform shoes and bellbottom pants!!

Timothy P (ru) wrote: More Opera than film, this might be Leone's best. Should be in everyone's list of 10 best films. Henry Fonda as the bad guy. Priceless.

Leonard Z (de) wrote: I kept thinking it was a woman that was going to change this family completely. Turns out it was a man, and his name was Terence Stamp. YOUNG Terence Stamp back in the late 1960s. Aside from instances where you actually notice that the actor's voices were dubbed (dubbing job is almost similar to an American film being dubbed in Cantonese) This film had some wonder, yet strange moments, along with a killer thematic classical orchestrated piece that hums quietly in the background. How peculiar...

Peter P (es) wrote: Not as good as the first one, but still very cool, and moving the setting to Europe helped keep it fresh, although it does have a few silly moments, especially the whole Julia Roberts thing.