• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:30 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Bulgarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Zvenoto 1975 full movies, Zvenoto torrents movie
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:KimHoaNg
  • Country:N/A
  • Director:Nevena Tosheva
  • Writer:Nevena Tosheva

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Zvenoto torrent reviews

Short Horror R (mx) wrote: Cleverly steers away from easy scares and embraces a more methodical approach. Left me feeling rather unsettled.

Mic R (ag) wrote: Inevitable. Perhaps. Fairly frank account of EV goings on the last 5 years.

Joanne H (kr) wrote: Not nearly as predictable as I expected and probably the best performance I've seen by Worthington. Little rushed and neat at the end but overall a good crime thriller with heart.

Marc L (gb) wrote: Mme si les effets speciaux se defendent relativement bien pour une aussi petite production et mme si le concept possde ce cte regressif qui donne envie de poursuivre la vision de la chose jusqu' son terme, "Invasion au Far-West" souffre de toutes les autres tares propres aux films fauches : scenario decousu et depourvu de credibilite, personnages basiques et archetypaux et dialogues sans intert. S'il ne s'agit pas, loin s'en faut, de la pire serie B de ces derniers mois (pour une production Sci-Fi, on frle mme le chef d'oeuvre!), on attendra sans doute "Cowboys et envahisseurs" cet ete pour voir as de la gachette et Aliens se canarder dans la joie et la bonne humeur.

Clemens H (jp) wrote: Maybe would have worked better as a cheap download game than as movie. A bit stiff animations and not too special story although it tries to deliver one.Yet.. measured on the process of being basically done completely by one person alone it's absolutely impressive.

Sara B (br) wrote: Odd, strange and Canadian...what more could you ask for? A whole lotta Fab Filippo? Oh, alright then!

Elisa M (jp) wrote: an excellent way to talk about shoa..great

Jackie M (mx) wrote: I don't believe that there was ever a chance that Hiter and his dream of 'Germania' would become reality. I honestly believe that even if the world had stayed at bay and never learned of the atrocities of WWII that ultimately his ego and madness would have got the best of him, eventually. Although the premise was interesting the movie was poorly made and, sadly, acted.

Dierra L (fr) wrote: that a good movie you should have this movie~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Muthu A (kr) wrote: has to be the director's cut aka 37.2 Le matin

Ronnie Y (au) wrote: I may only bear so much of white man pretending to be asian.

Mathew N (mx) wrote: A Real Suspense Film.

Kay L (au) wrote: Good cast, weak movie

David A (mx) wrote: Lazily acted, lazily scripted, lazily directed, Resident Evil: Afterlife is not only an absurd film, but a film that proves that filmmakers sometimes don't care about the storyline or the audiences. Awful movie.

Jim L (nl) wrote: The Power of Few was one of those movies where you are about 20-minutes into the film and say to yourself, what the heck am I doing? Lucky for me I have only turned off a movie maybe 2-3 times in my lifetime. This film was very slow to start and the story seemed very cheesy and convoluted. It wasn't until about half way through the film did I start to really get into the story and understand what the movie was about. That isn't a bad thing; I think that is by design. This movie uses some unique story telling techniques to ultimately build a great movie. Yes, the acting was a bit overdone, and the story was a bit convoluted still, but overall the movie was fun and by the end you felt really satisfied. There are plenty of movies out there that start strong, but can't figure out how to end. This one is the opposite; it has a really strong finish.

Adam S (fr) wrote: So unoriginal and not scary at all.