Zware jongens

Zware jongens

geregisseerd door Robbe De Hert met Gaston Berghmans, Leo Martin en Chris Cauwenbergs Gaston is opgegroeid aan de rand van de maatschappij en gaat zo weinig mogelijk om met andere mensen. Leo daarentegen is een zeer burgerlijk iemand. Hij leeft ver boven zijn stand, maar heeft een gouden hart. Door het gebruik van vervalste cheques en ongedekte kredietkaarten probeert hij de schijn op te houden. Door een toeval wordt het lot van Gaston aan dat van Leo gekoppeld. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Connie T (us) wrote: Was a pretty good movie. I did enjoyed it. But I do think it would have been nice if they kept out the rated R parts to make it more family friendly.

shai l (es) wrote: There are a lot of questions playing in one's mind while watching "Treasure Inn". How did Corey Yuen end up making a movie with Wong Jing and resulted in this? Why is the feeling of dej vu in your heart every time the characters make a boob joke? Why Liu Yang is even considered an actress? And most of all, why would Nick Cheung - who has crawled his way through everything from licking Stephen Chow's shoes in Wong Jing's "Tricky Master" (1999), to being a dog in "Every Dog Has Its Date" (2001) to finally an award-winning performance in "Beast Stalker" (2008) where he is finally taken seriously, but ends up in a Wong Jing movie again with prosthetic teeth and playing second fiddle to Nicholas Tse.

Ty P (nl) wrote: Anything featuring David Gulpill is bound to be good, and this is fabulous showing the true life and humour of Australia's indigenous. In the words of David himself: "This is a good story, 'ey".

Greg W (it) wrote: Though you could fit its story on the head of a pin, "A Bird of the Air" is a gently involving character dramedy with a pair of appealing leads who help give this offbeat movie flight.

Anastasia (de) wrote: Hoped for more (14) LIBRARY

Tausa M (mx) wrote: this movie was so GOOD but so sad:(

William G (nl) wrote: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is a decent Star Wars film that effectively brings the saga into the new age of special effects and characters- from the fast paced lightsaber duels, to the impressive underwater city that the Gungans inhabit.

Steve W (de) wrote: I really enjoyed this action thriller starring Lundgren. He's a sniper assassin who botches a hit with a partner and ends up with a contract on his head. Years later, he's paired with the same female spotter and must do another job.The only part I didn't like was the coke head rapist security guard. It came out of nowhere after he attacked Gina Bellman's character. Everything else was pretty solid, the flashbacks were action-packed and really well done, and there is a nice atmosphere as well as some character development.Its a cut above the lamer Dolph Lundgren films, such as The Last Patrol and Diamond Dogs.

Michael K (ru) wrote: Semi-biographical work from Davis about family life in post-war Liverpool. Nostalgia in full force as Davis lends cinema his memories about people, family celebrations and the society of the time. For people born just before or during the war I can give this film a warm recommendation. You'll either think the nostalgia is trowelled on or, like me, recognise it as a celebration of working class culture at that time. Heart-warming and honest it's not an easy ride, however at around eighty minutes in length you don't have time to become tired of the sing-a-longs. I suppose you could class it as being a modern, more lyrical version of the British 50s and 60s working class social dramas.

Patrick N (de) wrote: One of my favorite films.

Dean M (de) wrote: The best of the John Wayne westerns directed by Andrew V. McLagden, this sprawling epic centers around the revenge sought by Billy the Kid after his mentor is murder by the corrupt, land-grabbing bad guys. These scenes looked familiar since I last watched 1988's Young Guns.

Miguel C (us) wrote: Gothic horror in plain sunlight... you will never look at teens on the beach the same way ever again

Dashiki P (ru) wrote: It was well made. Cinematography was good. I liked the ending. What can I say? It's a nihilist's wet dream.