Zwarte zwanen

Zwarte zwanen

Two passionate people, Marleen and Vince, embark on a scorching love affair. They are sucked down by the fierceness of their feelings..

Two passionate people, Marleen and Vince, embark on a scorching love affair. They are sucked down by the fierceness of their feelings and literally drown in them.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny L (gb) wrote: The routines are alright but the storyboard is still stuck in the same truckload of cliche dance movies that populated the previous decade. Still waiting on something groundbreaking.

Matthias T (es) wrote: The world needs more Harry Browns ...

Ryan J (ru) wrote: mockumentary about zombies living in a day to day world. from low funtioning traditional zombies to high functioning zombies who are no different to humans. quite predictable but still worth a watch.

Ben F (es) wrote: I was immediately sucked into this film, and I really love that feeling. It almost has the appearence of a classic, 70s movie, like it was filmed with vintage cameras, and that only contributes to the asthetic. One of the most surprising finds and a oft-forgotten Bale homerun.

Ernest J (nl) wrote: I have only occasionally sat through attempted humor that was as painful to watch as this. I get that blaxploitation movies are somewhat ripe for satire, but isn't satire humorous on some level? I read reviews where people say "It was so bad I laughed myself silly in spite of myself!" You'd have to be pretty damned silly in the first place to think it's funny. I am a big Louie CK fan, but he must have been in a medically induced coma when he wrote this. I would rather have a root canal than watch 5 minutes more of this movie, which I only saw 15 minutes of in the first place.

Private U (us) wrote: This is a terrible film. It is funny because it is so terrible. The trailer is actually a summary of the movie. There is no plot that you have to trouble your little brain with. There is no acting to be impressed by. The special effects are not special at all but it is a fun bad movie. I enjoyed it anyway because it was so bad.In one word: Bad

Steve V (ru) wrote: Do yourself a favor and watch this entire series.

SoonHo S (de) wrote: Epic Musical Drama - Rohmer Style.

Jason K (fr) wrote: John Waters told me I needed to see this. He was correct.

Robyn M (ag) wrote: Ok i know JLo can dance thats what kicked off her career but show me somes move i haven't seen her do in her music videos! Richard gere is 2 left feet away from getting the cane, and susan Sarandon where is she? doesn't she wonder where Gere is, shes married to him. I'm guessing Gere thought he was a pro-dancer since his great hit in chicago. This movie would have been better with a experienced cheographer or just not made at all..its slow paced and gives me belly aches!

Flo L (fr) wrote: berraschend starker Found-Footage-Schocker und fr Fans von Cloverfield, [REC], Paranormal Activity oder Blair Witch Project ein muss!

Matthew P (de) wrote: Never funny and every character is a type.

Ryan V (es) wrote: Of all the slasher-holiday movies that were made cheap and easy in the late 70s/early 80s, this is the mad fun. It's got a quirky Canadian vibe going and the setting/killer are very memorable.

Christopher B (de) wrote: Disappointing for a Rob Zombie film but decent overall.