Zwerbowana milosc

Zwerbowana milosc

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Polish,English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   wig,   conspiracy,  

A prostitute is enlisted into the Security Services in order to steal some highly classified records just as the communist regime is about to topple. What begins as political intrigue deftly turns into a complicated love affair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lyron F (ru) wrote: pretty interesting movie. made me truly realize how depressing it can be to be a elderly mexican immigrant in the US.

Steven S (kr) wrote: Good fun. Wonder if Bryan Cranston is political like this in real life? He is always at the DNC.

Beth S (ca) wrote: Reminds me of "My Best Friend's Wedding" with Julia Roberts.

Yuri B (de) wrote: Loved this movie... really discovered just how funny Segel really is!

Adrian M (jp) wrote: enferma... muy enferma, pero dedicada a la debilidad, impotencia y conformismo del ser humano... linda.. muy linda

Mickin M (ru) wrote: it was a cinematic experience to watch dis hard hitting mafia oriented movie wid such a wonderful cast which comprises of all highly acclaimed theatre actors..d protaganists of d movie pankaj kapoor as abbaji(head of d crime family),irrfan khan as miya maqbool(aide of abbaji) and tabu (abbaji's mole) does a complete justice to their respective roles..& not to forget d characters of naseerudin shah and om puri as corrupt police officers does an equal justice to their role as well..piyush mishra as kaka and masumeh as abbaji's daughter does a commendable job..a must watch movie for those who believe in quality cinema

Liliane S (nl) wrote: Finally watched Oldboy. The second part of the movie is really good. Superb acting by Choi Min Sik (Oh Dae Su).

Billy B (es) wrote: Taking pace directly after Dracula 2000, a group of medical students come across a strange corpse while in the morgue. They take the body to a secluded place where they bring it back to life, and in a terrifying turn, the original vampire Dracula slowly starts injecting himself into the young group. Pathetic. The even crapper sequel to a shit film. Seriously, after Wes Craven attached himself to the preceeding piece of shit, he surely could've known this DIRECT-TO-DVD was gonna be shitter. Firstly, the character of Dracula looked nothing like Gerard Butler's in the last film. He had long dark hair, but this time they hired an actor with short light blonde hair. Casting people in their late 20's / early 30's as college students was idiodic too because it makes it that much more unrealistic and shit. It only had one or two references to the previous flick, another ntch on the belt of pathetic sequels. The ending was predictable and worthless. The plot was written by Joel Soisson & Patrick Lussier, and presented by Wes Craven who usually attaches to good films. Too many plot holes and boring sequences that really had nothing to do with Dracula hint and represent that this film is a piece of shit. The acting was horrible. Diane Neal played heroine Elizabeth. We can be thankful she screamed only once in the film, because it was the fakest one i've probably ever heard. Brande Roderick from Baywatch was killed off relatively quickly which was great because filling the screen with even more mutton was enought to make me wanna turn it off. The acting was simply horrible. Overall "Dracula II: Asension" is a terrible sequel to a terrible re-imagining that deserves no recognition and should be bolted in a coffin itself. My rating is 1.5/5.

Steve S (ca) wrote: hilariously awesome and everything i wanted. to like this fan you must be a big fan of "bottom", because this movie is just as insane as any episode, probably more so, plus the theatrical debut of simon pegg. the comic brilliance of rik mayall and adrian edmondson make this film a gem in british comedy as both of them are comedic idols.

Leslie D (us) wrote: Had its share of creepy moments. The twisted plot adds a bit of confusion but other than that, an overlooked little spook-thriller. Nice casting (Adam Ant, Josie Cotton, Mary Woronov).

Kari K (ag) wrote: Excellent film about a young Ray Winston serving time in a British borstal. A US remake was made into Bad Boys in 1983 starring Sean Penn.

Rory Fyfe S (nl) wrote: I loved this movie. Great battle scenes.

Ben S (it) wrote: A pretty forgettable film, but all in all a decent flick to sit with the family one night if you got nothing else to watch and be amazed by the visuals, set designs and acting.

Brandon Y (gb) wrote: Better than the two films that preceded it, due mostly to the two leads. Still not a particular good movie by any stretch but harmlessly straightforward and fun for fans of vampires and werewolves.

Deepak M (br) wrote: Faultless, but also, joyless.